Manic Monday #45

Pick your own three favorites...

Vintage Bambi, so adorable!
(via: moonula)

Inspiring article for small business'...
(via: ohmytookies)

Sweet Chantal talks about her amazing shoes of art!
(via: PonyChops)

Apple Cider flavored Cookie-whiches?!  Yes please!
(via: tookies)

Gorgeous little array of pretties in this post...

I cannot believe it's that time again!  Sharing some of my favorite little tidbits from my sponsors to start October off.  Such beautiful and inspiring posts, sprinkled with the most delightful of items.  Happy October to all my wonderful sponsors!  I am always Manic for everything you do!

What are you Manic for this first Monday of October?

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  1. That cookie sandwhich looks so yummy!!!


  2. Thank you so much for spotlighting me! <3
    And omg, that cookie sandwich looks heavenly!

  3. Thanks for the feature! You are so cool! =)

    Also, I am always drooling over those Tookies cookiewiches. And the jar cakes. Someday...

    1. It's such an adorable post! Tookies is amazing! Just finally got our own sample box and they are just as dangerous as we imagined! haha Absolutely delicious!

  4. This year is going by insanely fast. I mean, shit it's practically gone! Anyway, I loove all these pretty pictures! Especially vintage Bambi!! :)
    And are those shoes hand painted??? They're adorbs!

    1. So true! Yes, you will have to visit Pony Chops shop! Absolutely adorable! xo

  5. The shoes the shoes the shoes! Oh my heart skipped a beat when I saw the little toadstool ones :-)


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