Crafty Confessions :: Travel Cup Remixed Starbucks Style

I scored this little insulated travel cup from my local dollar store with the intent to use it for fixing up my favorite soy shakes to go.  Although I do indeed use it for this purpose, I thought it would be fun to give it a little make over.  Who doesn't love an excuse to customize something?  I don't know about you but I have my Starbucks favorite.  This changes seasonally of course, I have my favorite cold weather drink as well as my favorite hot day drink.  Since it is not uncommon for me to be forced to repeat my "signature" warm weather combo, numerous times to our local Barista, I thought it would be fun to have my cup permanently state just what exactly "Jessa's Java" is.

I started by creating my Starbucks order area on the side of my cup which is basically just six boxes lined up vertically down the side.  Next you need to learn the lingo... time to decode your favorite drink.

Box One:  Decaf
(Blank) = Regular strength
X = Decaf
1/2 = Half / Half

Box Two: Shots
(Blank) = The standard
1 = Single
2 = Double
3 = Triple
4 = Quad
5 = 5 Shots 
6 = 6 Shots

Box Three: Syrups
(Blank) = None
V = Vanilla
H = Hazelnut
TN = Toffee nut
C = Caramel
P = Peppermint
A = Almond
R = Raspberry
SFC = Sugar free caramel
SFH = Sugar free hazelnut
SFV = Sugar free vanilla
Want more syrup?  Just add 1P in front for one extra pump
or 2P for two extra

Box Four: Milk
(Blank) = Standard
2% = 2% milk
1% = 1% milk
N = Nonfat
S = Soy
O = Organic
B = Breve

Box Five: Custom
Note this box is slightly longer in size
(Blank) = None
R = Leave room to allow for adding milk
R (slashed through) = No room needed
WC (slashed through) = No whipped cream
WC = Whipped cream
XH = Extra hot
XF = Extra foam
F (slashed through) = No foam
D = Dry
W = Wet
XD = Extra dry
CR = With caramel 
2/3 full = 2/3 full

Box Six: Drink
L = Latte
M = Mocha
A = Caffe americano
BC = Brewed coffee
PM = Peppermint mocha
WM = White chocolate mocha
C = Cappuccino
E = Espresso
CH = Tazo chai tea latte
HC = Hot chocolate
WHC = white hot chocolate
PHC = Peppermint hot chocolate
CM = Caramel macchiato
EM = Espresso macchiato
CDL = Cinnamon dolce latte
GL = Gingerbread latte
SFGL = Gingerbread latte with sugarfree syrup
SFCDL = Cinnamon dolce latte with sugarfree syrup
PSL = Pumpkin spice latte
CAS = Caramel apple spice
VCR = Vanilla crème
BT = Iced black tea
PT = Iced passion tea
GT = Iced green tea
PTL = Passion iced tea lemonade
GTL = Tazo green tea latte
CF = Coffee Frappuccino blended coffee
CRF = Caramel Frappuccino blended coffee
MF = Mocha Frappuccino blended coffee
STCF = Strawberries and crème Frappuccino blended crème
VBF = Vanilla bean Frappuccino blended crème
CFL = Coffee light Frappuccino light blended coffee
CRFL = Caramel light Frappuccino light blended coffee
EGF = Eggnog Frappuccino blended coffee
PMF = Peppermint mocha Frappuccino blended coffee
CHCF = Tazo chai tea Frappuccino blended crème
DCCF = Double chocolate chip Frappuccino blended crème
JCF = Java chip Frappuccino blended crème
VBFL = Vanilla bean light Frappuccino light blended creme

Now that you are in touch with your inner Barista fill in your boxes.  Once finished be sure to label it as your own.  Viola, instant order and little to no room for error.

Not to mention that our Starbucks offers ten cents off every time you bring in your own cup.  Doesn't sound like much but after ten visits I've paid for my little cup.  Pretty sweet... pretty sweet indeed!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. That is super cute! If I actually went to starbucks, I would totally do this :]

  2. I absolutely love this!! Thank you for sharing it :) Starbucks and I will become better friends now.

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Of course! Glad I could help bring the two of you closer. haha

  3. Is there a particular paint or marker use suggest for making it washable? I love this idea!!! Thanks! Time for a trip to the dollar store!

    1. Hi Melissa! I just used a standard Sharpie to make the design. I have since washed it twice and nothing has budged. I will say it is best to let the first Sharpie application dry for about 10-15 minutes then re-apply once more for good measure. Be careful... the dollar store is currently jammed full of all sorts of goodies you never knew you needed! haha

    2. I try to avoid the dollar store for that reason! Especially with all the Halloween stuff! Thanks for the advice!

    3. So true! Christopher Robin avoids taking me to the dollar store just for that reason! haha You are so welcome and have fun with it! xo

  4. So cute Jessa! I love this idea! I may have to borrow it ;D

    1. Thanks Kelley! Hope you have a lot of fun with it. xo

  5. Such a cute idea! Did you have to speak to a Starbucks informant to get all of the "codes?" Who knew there were so many! :)

    1. Thanks Rosy! There is actually a lot of information around for de-coding Starbucks lingo but luckily I do have some former Baristas in my inner circle who were a lot of help 'cause there are indeed so many! haha

  6. Oh Jessa, you are brilliant! Hehehe. I always get the same drink, so this would be perfect for me!!!

    1. It's so perfect for that! I love just walking up and handing them my cup. Easy ordering for sure! xo

  7. Wowzers. I'm bookmarking this because it's super cute AND because I feel like I just stumbled across the Starbucks secret code. :)

  8. Jessa, that's genius! Very creative! It turned out super cute :)

    x Angie ||

  9. Great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!! Be blessed :)

  10. So cute! love it!


  11. Wow a great way to give a gift for your loved ones.

  12. Looks cool and handy, thanks for sharing the reviews…

  13. This is so cool! Lol I like starbucks :)
    - Becky xox

  14. Wow.. This is just amazing, I love the way you think and the idea is excellent.


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