Crafty Confessions :: Pine Cone Crown Tutorial

Over the warmer months I could not get enough of my floral crowns, but now that it has begun to cool off and the colors are changing my hair decor must too.  Here is the tutorial for my little pine cone crown you all adored so much!

What you will need:

Pine Cones
Glue Gun
Some Small Branches

1.  Place your headband on your head to help decide where you'd like to place your pine cones. Note you will most likely not want to cover the entire band as it will tangle in your hair.

2.  Once decided start gluing on your pine cones alternating sides of the band, slightly, to ensure pine cones fit together and create a solid band.

3.  Time to cover the remaining exposed band with your small branches.  Let dry.

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Its so adorable! You look beautiful! xx

  2. So adorable! I was waiting for this post. :)

  3. Such a cute idea!! Love it! Xo

  4. Going on my DIY list! Super pretty :D

  5. Aww! This is so dreamy and adorable :-) Love it :-)

  6. Thank you Lovelies! Hope you will all get the chance to make your own. xoxo

  7. SO creative and cute!


  8. This is the cutest little tutorial. You think up the BEST projects!!

  9. oh my word. can you be any cuter??!! yes, most likely tomorrow you will be :)

    this is SO darling! nice job my friend! x0x


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