A Month in Review... September


Another quicker than necessary month has come and gone.   

Still trying to find my purpose and what it is I hope to accomplish between the blog and the shop.  Always a learning and growing experience.  

Christopher Robin celebrated another birthday!  

Finally had my wisdom tooth yanked then had to hide my face for the next week in fear people would think I was a domestic abuse victim!  They are not gentle with that stuff, I guess it wasn't included in my huge bill!

Photographed my first wedding!

Started sharing more of my personal style and am beginning to feel more comfortable with it.

Was forced to start conquering my fear of being publicly criticized.  (Still a work in progress)

Began working on trying to trust my heart and what it is telling me.

As you can see September has not been a month of many awe worthy events.  I've been home most of the time due, to the fact, that we are still a single car family.  This has been a blessing for me in some ways though.  It has given me time to reflect on how I am feeling and what things in my life I want to change.  Sometimes some silent solitude is enough to calm the buzz and allow the gentle hum of life to come into better focus.  I feel refreshed and eager to work on changing the things that are overwhelming and/or stressing me, in hopes of living in a better state of mind.  I can already feel my cheeks feeling a little tight when I go to bed at night.  Nothing better than knowing your face muscles have been getting a good smile work out!

Favorite Posts

Any awe worthy events to report in September?

Love & Lollies...

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  1. What an inspiring September! You are such a lovely writer, Jessa. Hugs!!

    1. Thanks Kelsea! Cannot wait for Saturday! xo

  2. I remember when we were a one car family. It was tough but it sounds like you are using your time wisely :)

    1. You do not realize just how tough it is until you do not have the option! haha But I am trying to make the best of it. =D


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