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At the beginning of 2012 I vowed to relinquish one of my fears.  All my life I was teased for the paleness of my skin.  I've heard it all; "Are you albino?"  "Ever heard of sunlight?"  "It's called a tan... get one!" just to name a few.  All of these opinions given about the pigment (or lack there of) of my skin left me insecure, to say the least.  I found I would shield my skin more from the on slaughter of taunting than the sun itself.  My biggest fear was that people would see my legs and the Casper jokes would ensue.  May I also note that these jokes were lame as Casper doesn't have legs!!  If you are going to tease me at least have the facts straight, geez.  Sorry, onward with my point.  Most of us, no matter how dark or how fair, always tend to be a few shades fairer from ankle to hip.  I am no different and due to years of wearing jeans, constantly, I do not even have my splash of freckles to camouflage the fairness of my legs.

So I made a vow.  I would stop hiding behind jeans and tights and embrace my skin.  The first few months were a bit awkward and consisted of many outfits using nylons as an accessory.  Once summer hit it started becoming uncomfortable and I realized it was time to let go completely.  I put away my nylons and started taking style posts without them.  I have to say I was quite surprised by the amount of positive reinforcement I received here!   Just another reason why I love you all so much!

I am happy to say my fears are relatively non existent at this point.   Thank you, as this is in great part due to all your wonderful support!  The only problem?  Now I hate jeans!  Who hates jeans?  I do I guess!  I just feel so constrained in them.  Not to mention I have extremely short legs and a very long torso which makes finding "the right pair" of jeans a pretty miserable experience.  So here I am, now trying to get comfortable, not in my own skin, but my old skinnies instead.  Otherwise this is going to be a very cold winter indeed!

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Shirt - Wrangler (from my Momma of course!)
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - ModCloth
Hat - Thrifted Vintage
Necklace - c/o Amourx Handmade
Sunnies - Thrifted

Did you overcome any insecurities in 2012?  Can you believe there is only a few months of it left?!?

Love & Lollies...

♥ Outtakes ♥ 

Lecturing little Armani about the dangers of wondering away while Momma takes photos!  haha 
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  1. Hi Jessa. I found your blog today and I'm smitten by your sense of style :) And your doggy is too cute.

  2. I'm in a similar position! I used to wear jeans all the time because I didn't like my legs, but then in summer it was too warm, so I wore skirts and tights...and now I don't want winter to come because I have to a) buy new jeans because my only pair ripped recently, and b) actually wear them.
    And also, I have short legs too, so it's annoying trying to find jeans that are the right length, and comfortable at the same time. But yes, I had better buy some soon, otherwise winter really will be twice as cold.
    Here's to jeans and the looming cold winter days!

  3. Thank you Tranae! Your new/old media center is absolutely fabulous btw! xo

  4. Isn't it though?! Good luck to you in your "perfect pair" search. I will keep you posted if I find them! =D

  5. This was like reading a post from myself! I am translucently pale, and I have an extremely long torso but short legs, AND I hate jeans. WHOA. Style soulmates or something.

    I've often been teased for my skin, but I've never really cared. I actually HATE getting any color/freckles, and I burn in about two seconds, so I wear a lot of cardigans and carry a lot of parasols. Good thing I live in Seattle where the sun never shines!

    Anyway, love the crap out of your blog :-)

  6. We so are! I love me a dainty umbrella and/or a precious parasol! I have been working on trying to "embrace" my freckles but I am the same way... not so much a fan! I believe I may own some stock, somewhere, in sunscreen by now in my ongoing freckle prevention action! haha You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful city! I have made it my personal goal to make the trip there sometime, but unfortunately our two state lines make for quite the little journey! Someday though... xo

  7. Not that I do my nails or anything, but I can't wait for that nail tutorial!

  8. aww the fifth picture is so cool! I wish I had such pretty woods nearby to take pictures in!
    also I kind of hate jeans too... not the look of them but like you said - the constraint! but I'm getting used to them more now too haha.

    ANYWAY, gorgeous outfit!

    Angie ||

    1. Thanks Angie! Hope you start feeling even more comfortable in your jeans too! Although, I must say I love you in a dress! haha

  9. I know exactly how you feel. I also got teased a lot because I'm really pale and my super dark hair sets it off even more. Because of this, in high school, I fake baked. I totally regret it now because I all the freckles that popped up have clued me in to all the damage I did my skin, but I was motivated by a need to fit in and feel pretty so at the time I didn't care. Fortunately, once high school ended I snapped to my senses and quit that retarded way of thinking. Now i've kinda swung to the other extreme and am a bit of a sunscreen nazi and patrol my family and friends making sure enough has been applied. hehe
    But anyways, it's really sad to me that people even need to point out shades of skin. What does it even matter? Now, when I get the occasional comment about how blindingly white my skin is, I just shrug and tell them they might want to invest in some shades because I like it and plan to keep it this way. It's such a dumb things to say and I hate that I have to say it, but it shuts them up and reinforces in my brain that my skin is just right the way it is.

    Sorry that I just wrote so much :P

    1. Sunscreen Nazi! haha Awesome! I completely understand about feeling like you need to defend your skin. I am the same way... maybe that will never change? I must admit that thanks to the Twilight hype I have come up with some pretty fun comebacks! "Blinding white? No, that's just my sparkle!" tee hee Your skin IS just right the way it is! xo

  10. I love seeing bloggers write about insecurities they've overcome. I've actually been thinking about writing one myself. Everyone has something, and I do think the best way to help others overcome it is by sharing our own. Thanks for sharing yours! Oh, and it's silly that you were teased about having light skin. Geeeez. You are so pretty!

  11. P.S. GORGEOUS nails! Can't forget to mention those!

  12. Meh getting my legs out every summer is the bane of my life but this year I decided to do the same of you and just get on with it, it was the summer of summer dresses... it was quite freeing and now i am a little sorry to be back in trousers to :)

  13. hahah love the pic of Armani in the end!

  14. Ah, I know exactly how you feel about hiding your pale skin. I've always been uncomfortable with my skin. Especially since my skin is olive toned ( I think olive tone is the worst type of pale skin... but that could be because of the fact I have to deal with this skin pigment.)

    And I seriously love that last picture! It's perfect!

    The Girly Gamer


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