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 Autumn is officially in the air!  Well, the morning air anyways.  Summer has been refusing to release its grip on The Thousand Acre Woods with temperatures still reaching the triple digit range by high noon.  We have still had the need to sleep with the air conditioning on at night, as well as resorting to the use of only a sheet.  The good news?  Come morning I am finding my most reliable alarm system has become an AM squabble over the comforter.   I can always tell autumn has arrived when Christopher Robin insists on living a double life as a mexican entree.  I will wake up to my own chattering teeth to discover my husband  --grinning ear to ear-- in his own custom tailored burrito suit.  If you have ever been in close contact with one of these "bedspread burrito bandits", you know just how hard it can be to wrestle so much as a corner away from their death grip.  So, needless to say, I have been finding my schedule is becoming much easier to stick to now that I find myself dragging my feet to kitchen --where the coffee pot resides-- to absorb some much needed morning warmth.

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Dress - Thrifted Vintage
Jacket - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - ModCloth
Bag - Pendleton (Gifted by Nana)
Hair Decor - Upcycled Wedding Decor =D

Another added bonus of Christopher Robin's morning escapades is that I am up and outside just in time to greet the sun.  I just adore autumn on The Thousand Acre Woods.  These mornings hold a special kind of warmth, one that I have never been able to duplicate.  There is just something about the coolness of the autumn air that filters the light in such a way that it literally feels as though the sun is just kissing the skin.  There is truly nothing like it and it's a beautiful reminder of why I love autumn so.  It's is the perfect way to start the day even if the routine of actually rising could use a little work!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. You are too cute! I love your autumn outfit, it's too cute! :)


  2. Your hair is looking such a beautiful shade at the moment. And it's perfectly complimented by the yellow dress :)

  3. Thank you so much Katlyn! xo

  4. Thanks Chantal! I do love the way this current shade fades! xo

  5. You're welcome! I wish I had a sense of style besides a t-shirt and jeans baha!

  6. You are wearing such gorgeous colors. I love the vintage colors of fall.
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  7. That dress looks great on you!


  8. OMG your "upcycled wedding decor" autumn leaves are THEE most gorgeous hair accessories I've ever, EVER seen. I want! You look lovely and your hair is just...amazing <3

  9. Ah! I'm in love with this bag!! Seriously. Also, what's on your nails?! They look awesome! You should do a close up of them! ; )


  10. Thanks Lovely! xo

  11. haha Thanks Roni! Email me your address and I'll send you are bag of them! xo

  12. Thank you Natalie! It's actually my camera bag but it matched too perfectly not to include! haha The nail design is actually for a guest post on oh. MY. Tookies blog. I'll be sure to share a close up tomorrow and the link for the tutorial later this week. xoxo

  13. this is so gorgeous Jessa, the jacket is so lush! the leaves in your hair look so cool compared to your hair colour :)

    x Angie ||


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xx Jessa

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