Beyond the Zone :: Purple Passion Recap Review

As I prepare to change up my locks, yet again, I thought I would take a moment to reflect back on my time with Beyond the Zone's Purple Passion Color Jamz.  I have had this color for about two months and have dyed my hair twice.  Here is the break down, week by week, of the second application.

Beyond the Zone Purple Passion Color Jamz Review
Week 1

Since my hair had already been bleached, to an almost white hue, and dyed purple --prior to using the Purple Passion-- I was only required to touch up the roots with bleach.  After shampooing the bleach out of my hair I waited for hair to dry before applying the color.  I applied the dye so that hair was saturated and then left on over night.  Yes, not 10-20 minutes as suggested, but over night.  Like I said this was my second time dying so I had worked out any kinks by the second round.  Luckily, this product smells amazing so you won't suffer through the night.  The end color is really deep and rich.  In the shade or darker lighting it is hardly noticeable that the hair is not natural.  In the sun the color is very vivid and very obviously purple.  Great for those wanting "fantasy hair" without being overly shocking.

Beyond the Zone Purple Passion Color Jamz Review
Week 2

To help extend the longevity of my hair color I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week.  Dry shampoo is your friend!  haha  After a couple washes the color is still vibrant and lovely.  Although hair is in a better state, with hair color in place, I still use Redken Anti Snap to prevent breakage and John Frieda Glossing Mist to add shine.

Beyond the Zone Purple Passion Color Jamz Review
Week 3

By week three and a few washes later the color is beginning to fade and is taking on more of a grape like hue.   Thus far I am loving the way this color is fading, as not all dyes are so kind.  As the dye washes further out I am avoiding the use of too much heat on the hair.  This way the hair is in good condition should I decide to change colors.

Beyond the Zone Purple Passion Color Jamz Review
Week 4

Still color there, more of a deep lavender, but still there.  This is where I noticed something very interesting though.  When I bleached my roots prior to application they were not as white as my original full application.  What I found is that the areas where the dye was applied (to strands with a yellow tint) took on a more burgundy coloration that became much more apparent as the color faded.  Not the dyes fault, but notable non the less.  If you wish to achieve a true purple hue I recommend trying your hardest to reach a white blonde prior to applying this dye.  If you like a purple with more of a red undertone do not worry so much of bleaching the hair so pale.  It will combine with the yellow hues to create a lovely burgundy shade.

Closing Notes

This color is beautiful but needs to be left on over night.  Be sure to have all hair evenly bleached to avoid discoloration in areas where hair was not lifted enough or even lifted too much.  Great for those wanting to ease into full fantasy hair but afraid of the shock value that comes with it.  Smells great and affordable!


  • Do not condition hair prior to applying dye.  It will prevent the hair from truly absorbing the color.  If your hair feels like it need the moisture after the bleaching process deep condition, wait a few days, wash with only shampoo, dry, then apply the dye.
  • Apply Vaseline, A&D ointment (I have this for my tattoos), or a thick body butter on skin around hair lines to avoid staining.  Try not to get onto the actual hair though.
  • If staining skin does occur it can be easily removed using nail polish remover.
  • Apply original application a couple hours before going to bed leaving some dye in the bottle.  Right before going to bed remove your shower cap, take some more dye from the bottle and apply through ends of hair with hands.  Tips of hair can be the most stubborn.  Reapply shower cap and go to sleep.  Note:  To ensure shower cap does not move in the night you can pull it tight to the back of your neck and rubber band.
  • Cover your pillow with old case or unwanted towel in case cap does move.
  • Do not apply heat to hair while dye is in.  This is a misconception.  Yes, it will momentarily process faster but the problem is that once the dye has dried processing seizes.  It's best to just allow the natural heat from you scalp do the work for you.  
  • Rinse dye out using the coldest water you can withstand.  Avoid warm or hot water.
  • Do not rinse until water runs clear.  You WILL rinse the majority of the color out this way.  Rinse until the your hair does not feel stiff with product then towel dry with either an unwanted towel or blot with paper towels.
  • Wear gloves even when rinsing dye out.  It will dye your nails.
  • Continue to sleep with unwanted towel or pillow case after hair has been freshly dyed.  Typically I have no problems with bleeding but better safe then sorry.

So there you have it... my romance recap with Beyond the Zone in Purple Passion.  Hope it helps!

Love & Lollies...

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PS If I forgot to mention something or you have a question don't be shy... I always reply!  xo

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  1. Love it, it looks great thank you for the tips!


    1. Of course! I was actually quite surprised by the lack of information available when I initially dyed. I swore I would share everything I learned, here, in hopes that it may help someone. Hope it helped! xo

  2. Oh I love that you did a kinda series post showing different stages of fading! That's one of my favorite things about dyeing hair crazy colors... when it fades just as nicely. I actually got a bunch of comments/compliments at work after I did rainbow hair last time around... first when I got it dyed initially, then later when it started fading and everyone thought I had dyed it another color. =)

    I already mentioned this before, but your hair looks great!!

    1. Oh I dream of rainbow colors! I bet it was amazing! xo

  3. I really want to try this color! I love it :) Thanks for the tips, theres always some type of tip behind every color application. I would have to use a lot of bleach on my hair. I'ts so long!


    1. So true and it really does differ between brands. I always find that people will share their overall tips and tricks but not mention the differences between brands. I have wasted quite a bit of dye in the discovery process. Happy to share! This color would look amazing on you I have to say! xo

  4. Week three is pretty much the hair color of my dreams. While I currently have no plans to color my hair something unnatural (boo office work!) the Beyond the Zone tips are definitely helpful should I get the chance to change my hair up.

  5. I just came across this post. I just bought the color today and couldn't find anything about tips for it. How did you deal with the roots? like how many weeks did it take for them to show?

    1. It really depends on your hair. Mine grows pretty fast so I like to bleach and re-dye about every three weeks when possible. I generally do not like it to get over an inch long in the root area so that the heat from your scalp helps the process along. Hope it helps <3


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