Style Confessions... Photog Attire

Last week I was a ball of nerves preparing for my photog gig with Christina & Wes.  It's funny how one little worry can quickly snowball into a full on anxiety attack.  I was already nervous at the thought of photographing someone, other than myself, then more so by the fact that this was also like a preliminary screening for the title of "Prenuptial Photog".  Working from home I do not have to stress much over what I wear or how I may appear.  I pretty much have free range to do as I please, which is awesome, but yet crippling.  It's been some time since I have had to consider what form of dress will most likely compute to success.  After officially creating a clothing bedspread from what use to be regarded as my "closet" I was still non the more enticed by any of my options.  Pending a few "I have nothing to wears" from me and a few "You're joking right?" sneers from Christopher Robin I decide to fire my defective cheerleader and start from scratch.  Finally I decide to dress as a reflection of how I hoped the photo shoot would turn out: artistic, conservative, with a splash of nature.  

I was very happy with my selection minus my shoes, which I quickly kicked off in preference of bare feet.  Much easier to navigate the slippery stones!  We all had the best time jumping from rock to rock, from location to new location.

Christopher Robin even braved the sandy slopes to pick us all some sweet tidbits!  Nothing beats a summer blackberry straight from the vine!

It was an amazing summer evening spent with some wonderful people!  Cannot wait for their wedding!

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Dress - Thrifted ELLE
Earrings - c/o Amourx Handmade

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  1. good posting about Style Confessions... Photog Attire

  2. cute dress!!!

  3. aww that dress is so adorable! love the story you wrote with it :)


  4. I just can't stop admiring your hair! And you nailed it with the dress and the shoot! I love how you came to the decision of the dress.


  5. Lol you should have called be or Skyped. Another girl's opinion sometimes makes you decide which outfit you actually like more. Cute dress, if that's the one you chose! :) Love the nails but when I saw them initially on Instagram I didn't see the red because my eyes did some weird thing where it only saw a French mani! Haha it was really weird, I went back to Instagram later on and noticed there was red in it. It was so weird how I blocked it out. Anyways, the photos of them are really cute. Oh and the pic of your foot looks so creepy since it's blurred. Looks like you have no toes! :P Are you going to take photos of their wedding too?

  6. Isabel - I will keep that in mind next time! I didn't even notice the "foot" thing! LOL Unfortunately, the day wasn't about photos of me so I could only grab a few before the sun went down. I guess my "toes" were not with the program! haha

    Thank you ladies! xo

  7. the dress you ended up picking looks great. Definitely the right choice.

  8. This day looks like so much fun!! And you look so pretty, Jessa. That dress is lovely and your hair rules so hard.
    P.s. I love going barefoot outside. Reminds me of when I was little. :)

  9. Love your blog & your purple hair. XD
    I follow you now.

    I also write a blog:
    You are more than welcome to follow me back, if you would like.

  10. ooh your hair looks amazing my dear!
    xoxo Ilana


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