Manic Monday #39

Stone pillows...

(via: AliExpress)

Eye masks...
(via: DreamTimeInc)

These are awesome!!  Stitch is a stud...
(via: GXNews)

Let them sleep...
Under the apple tree canopy bed...
(via: LummeDesigns)

It was a rough sleepless weekend spent with my Grandma.  When she has a hard time sleeping we ALL have a hard time sleeping leaving me Manic for sleep this Monday.

What are you Manic for this Monday?

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  1. That apple bed is amazing. I want one!

  2. Those stone pillows are pretty crazy and those eye masks are a trip! I too am Manic for sleep this Monday. Happy sleeping!

  3. These are so cool! Stone pillows, apple orchard bed... it would be like living in a garden, to have all of these. =)

  4. I want to fill my room with those stone pillows! AMAZING :p

  5. Those pet eye masks are so weird! But I like that stitch outfits.

  6. And all of a sudden, I need a nap...


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