Beauty Confessions... Red & Cream Nail Tips

Typically I create my own nail stickers using painters tape or scotch tape depending on what is available.  Last week when preparing for the photo shoot with Christina & Wes I found myself faced with a tape shortage throughout my house.  Being set on the design I wanted I decided to take a go at it freehand.  Sounds simple but when you have become use to just "filling in the lines" freehand nail decor can be a real challenge.

I was pleased with the outcome and have decided I will need to attempt more freehand designs to ensure my skills do not go dormant.  You never now when your tape supply might go dry!

♥ The Tools ♥ 
ELF Nail Polish in Innocent
L.A. Colors Color Craze in BCC 578 (Dollar Store Special)

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  1. Thanks for the insights, keep up the amazing work.

  2. They came out really nice! I usually do my lines like that freehand and trust me it gets easier. They look really good for someone who has always "filled in the lines" haha ;) Love that red tip!

  3. wow, that is pretty good! I thought you did it with tape for sure.


  4. Those nails look like they're on the hands of a sexy vampire....yeah, I want nails like that. :)

  5. Your nails look great (as always)! I couldn't make mine look that good with a ready-made stamp!

  6. Ooh such cute colors together, i love your blog. Following you on here now as well as blog lovin x

  7. Wow !! such a cute colors.It is very simple but nice design.Thanks for sharing this information with us.......


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