Sweet Peek of the Week: Live, Love, Random Vintage

This week we are getting to know Eeka and a little more about her shop Live, Love, Random Vintage.  Eeka is one of the first bloggers to reach out to me in the beginning of my own blogger journey.  She is so sweet and kind and I always thought her namesake was all too appropriate.  Her most recent adventure has been starting a vintage shop whose name is derived from her blog and I am so excited to look a little deeper into her adventure thus far!

Hello Eeka!  Can you share a little bit more about yourself and your shop with everyone?

"Live.Love.Random. The Vintage Shop is named after my blog, which represents my life. The Live part is to remind me to live life to it's fullest. The Love part is to remind me about all the things I love, especially Vintage. I'm sure the Random part speaks for itself. If you notice, I do sell a lot of random items in my shop, but I love them all. I only pick pieces that I hope someone else would love and cherish too. It's so hard not to want to keep them all for myself!"

It must be hard not to keep them but it also inspires the continuing search!  Speaking of inspiration... where did your main inspiration to create Live, Love, Random Vintage stem from?

"All the Etsy shop businesses and bloggers out there. We all work so hard on our blogs and blogging community, it's hard not be inspired! A lot of us out in the blogging world are parents and these businesses are our bread and butter."

What has been your biggest obstacle in maintaining your business?

"Time management. I have a very busy schedule. I work full time, have kids, pets and I also go to college. Shipping out items is easy, but prepping items for the shop can be time consuming. There's a lot of work that goes into adding an item to the shop."

Yes there is!  How are you finding the time?

"I make sure that every week there is a specific day set aside just for the shop. There is a block of time set aside so we can concentrate on photo shoots and listings."

Sounds like a great strategy!  Any other advice you'd like to leave us with?

"Stay positive! There is always going to be down time, but don't give up."

A must!  Thank you so much Eeka for stopping by and sharing your story with us!  Here is wishing you much success over the years!

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