Sweet Peek of the Week... Elycia of ♥Elycia

Last week I was given the pleasure of chatting with Elycia of ♥Elycia where we talked blogging and the challenges associated.  I found her correspondence to be so uplifting and inspiring that I just had to have her share her adventure with all of you in this week's Sweet Peek of the Week!

Hi Elycia!  Can you tell us all a little bit more about yourself and ♥Elycia?

"I sure can! I am Elycia, the lady behind the blog. I love making things, taking photos, oldies, my husband and my cats. I blog about my daily life, things I wear and everything that gets me excited."

You have a lot to be inspired by!  What inspires you more than anything?

"Seeing people with big dreams who know what they want and really go for it inspire me like crazy. I love seeing people with a passion for what they are doing."

What about the difficult stuff?  Have you been faced with any obstacles on your blogging adventure?

"I guess finding my voice and worrying about offending people were the biggest obstacles that I faced in the beginning stages of my blog. In real life I make a lot of really lame jokes. I can be pretty sarcastic and I'm pretty sure I scored my Dad's dry sense of humour. I was constantly worried that I would say something that someone would misinterpret and find offensive so I censored myself quite a bit. I'm not saying that now I say whatever I want with no regard for what is "acceptable" but I feel like I have found a better balance and feel more like myself when I am writing on my blog."

How are you overcoming this concern and staying true to yourself?

"I think vlogging really helped me get my silly personality across and feel comfortable that people would know that if I say something questionable I'm most definitely joking. I think vlogging is a great way to let people see the real you and know what tone to read your blog posts with."

So true!  Your vlogs are what made my adore your sense of humor!  Do you have any advice for other dream chasers out there?

"Just do it. Wait, that's Nike. Well, it applies! Don't be afraid to take a chance and do something that scares you. I need to remind myself of this often because I am the master of talking myself out of things. I'm not a big quote person but this one quote pretty much sums up my advice: "Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there." -Will Rogers.
If you are excited about something or think you have a great idea, run with it!"

 It's a perfect quote!  Thank you so much Elycia for taking the time to chat with us today!  Your words are always so inspiring! 

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  1. Her blog is so cute! Elycia reminds me of you, Jessa, in her wedding photo! :)

  2. Very cute! I love that picture of her and Kaylah sitting on the bench :)


  3. hahaha! I was signed into my wife's account when I left that last comment :)

  4. I loved this post!Elycia is so hilarious!And you asked some good questions!

  5. great post~ i agree just being yourself is sometimes the hardest but more simplistic thing to do!

    keep in touch :)

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  6. love that quote! very inspiring indeed!


  7. Elycia is so cute! I love her style!

  8. you are right, she is downright charming and adorable!

    Thank you for featuring her!


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