Photo by the Hour... A Lazy Day

It is quite rare that Christopher Robin and I find ourselves at home... together... with not a plan in the world!  This is exactly what happened on Friday!

8 am - 

Slept in until 8 am!  Yes!  (that is a big deal to me!)  Bounced out of bed to be greeted by a hot cup of coffee, a snickerdoodle, and my email.

9 am - 

Emails are handled and moving on to finish up an interview and giveaway feature for The Loud Mouth Lifestyle.  Here is the link to that... (The day does gets lazier I promise)

10 am - 

Tried my hand at some nail gradating... Decided to start off with softer hues but I think next time I will be a little bolder!

11 am - 

Time to loose the jammers and get ready.  Decide I cannot take my hair anymore and speed dial my hairstylist.

12 pm - 

All dolled up and doe eyed ready to loose this crazy hair!

1 pm - 

Shopping!  Wanted to see about new foundation options but left with this.  Purple mascara?!?  Yay!

2 pm - 

No, I can never resist a thrifting spree whenever we go to town.

3 pm - 

Christopher Robin's favorite spot... the hardware store.  Not that I mind, they usually have the most adorable gardening area!

4 pm - 

Home again, back in my jammers (so bad) and snuggling with my favorite little man!  Nap time...

5 pm -

Worked on creating some new customer appreciation coupons.

6 pm -

Played around with some new floral crowns.

7 pm (ish) -

Sneaking away with my Love to catch the setting sun after a wonderfully lazy day!

8 pm -

Settled in with my boys for a movie, perfect for the most wonderful dreams!

What an amazing start to a busy weekend!  What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

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  1. This is a lovely idea for a blog post! I really like the shades you used on your nails, it is subtle, but it's really pretty. I am officially on the lookout for that mascara as well!

  2. Jessica - Thanks! I hope to give it a try sooner rather than later as I may want to snag the other "limited edition" shades they had. (teal, blue, deep green) I found mine at Rite Aid. It was in a display not in the actual make up section. Hope that helps you score some of your own! xo

  3. Love this post, looks like a fab relaxing day! I want to try that nail art. Looking forward to exploring more :)

  4. That looks like a lovely day! And those nails are amazing!

  5. I'm totally jealous of your day but glad you experienced it. Hopefully, there will be more it the future!

  6. Love this post. I am brand new to the blog, and through reading this and seeing your adorable photos, I feel like I know a lot about you already!

  7. I love your nails! and the floral headband is adorable!

  8. looks like a lovely day :D your nails looked great!


  9. SOunds like the perfect day!

  10. I love these kind of posts. Its always fun to get a sneak peak into a bloggers day to day life. I wish I could sleep in til 8am. I am usually up and going by 6:30am.

  11. Catherine - I have been debating a real simple tutorial for them. They are really easy!

    Amber - Yes! It was a real treat! Typically my body refuses to sleep once the sun has appeared! haha

    Thank you for all the sweet words everyone and a big hello back to all of you visiting for the first time! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  12. I love that the palette that features here :p did you do your make up with it cos I'm loving the eye colour! Looks like you had a lovely perfect sort of day :)

    Jenni xx

    Bows bangles and bakes

  13. This so sweet. Loved having a little insight into your day. I LOVE the blue hair!

  14. I'm officially in love with your dog! *_*

  15. And I still can't find the courage to change my same old hair color.
    I so want to dye it teal! I hope one day I'll say - what the heck, and do it.
    Yours looks awesome!

  16. Jenni - Yes, but only a little charcoal lining. =D Thank you again for my lovely palette! <3

    Helen - Thanks Love! I still have one more application before I reach it's true hue! =D

    HybridKarma - He is such a ham and even likes looking at photos of himself! haha He'll appreciate the love!

    Wednesday Addams - Teal would be amazing!!!

  17. I love this!! It looks like you had an absolutely wonderful, relaxing day! ♥

  18. Love this post! You should do more like them. I can't get enough of that purple hair! I think I'm biased cuz it's my favorite color but it looks so good on you!! I really like all these pictures. I would comment about each one, but that would take forever. Btw is that your name on CR's chest? lol :P

  19. Thanks Shai & Chelsea!

    Isabel - It was a lot of fun to create and yes, Christopher Robin has my name on his heart and I have his on my wrist. We are eachothers "lifelines" we like to say. =D


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