A Month in Instagrams...June

Lately I've been hearing that a lot of people are growing tired of seeing all the "Instagram in Review" style posts.  This doesn't detour me!  I love these posts!  I find them so interesting in the sense that I can physically see what I did this last month.  Sure these posts won't cure cancer or move someone to create some ingenious device that would stop hunger, no probably not, but they are so much fun!  I always find my idea of time so misconstrued when compiling these particular posts.  It's quite common for me to find myself thinking "really?!  That was this month?". 

As I get older I feel like my life is running a never ending marathon at a full sprint.  There is just never enough time in a day, a month, or even in a year at this point in my life.  It boggles me how much faster life goes by when you are doing things you love on a daily basis.  So, in a sense, there truly are pros and cons to every life scenario.  When I was waitressing (a job I hated) I found the time never seemed to go by fast enough!  The moments lingered as I pleaded for haste... the hours dragged when all I craved was an end.  But now, I can barely remember what I did last week!  Everything feels like such a blur.  Before I couldn't wait to climb into my bed at night... then loathed the rising sun for alarming me that another day had begun.  Now I find myself pouting off to bed when Momma Moon demands me to sleep.  Has anyone else noticed these time situations at alternate points in their life?

Anywho, this month was a blast!  Christopher Robin and I have made a pledge to start "making" more time for love.  Not us... but love!  I find that when you share multiple relationship titles with the same individual that some of those relationships become neglected.  See Christopher Robin is not only my husband but my confidant, business advisor, best friend and even my therapist when situations require it, while I am the same for him.  After almost ten years and a chaotic schedule we have noticed that the romantic lovey-dovey part of our relationship has been resting at a dull simmer.  As things have started to settle into a more peaceful pace we have been making a point of scheduling little romantic adventures with one another.  The beauty of real romance is that it doesn't have to be all "fluffy" to be fulfilling.  Simple things like letting him lift me from a rock when it looks too steep or holding hands while pursuing stands for the freshest produce can easily be all it takes to shine up those eyes and put the glimmer back.

It amazes me how romantically disconnected life can make us and I must say we are fully enjoying every moment reconnecting.  I forget how funny he is!  I have laughed harder over this last month than I have all year!  I think my ab muscles may be pulled... haha   All in all a wonderful, although quick, June!

What were you up to in June?  Is there anything you are trying to make a little more time for come July?

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Great photos! Follow me at @antheafashion

  2. Aw I'm glad you guys decided this. You're a very beautiful couple as far as I can tell from this side. I think you both are great together and this little pledge is a such a good idea! As for the Instagram post, I can't imagine saying that because I too, love looking through other people's and myself's post. It's a good way to recap your life and photos are so expressive. :) Hope you have a lovely day, Jessa! <3

  3. I love instagram shots! The style really lends to a nostalgic feeling, which suits a 'month in review' blog post. ^_^

    I'm glad to hear you and your husband are working on your relationship and reconnecting. :)

  4. yes! keep making these if they're what you want!

  5. Lovely collage of June pictures, looks like you had fun!


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