Melon Mixer... A Summer Cocktail

I am currently up in the woods enjoying so down time with the family and nature!  I will be completely disconnected and am unsure as to whether this will be a blessing... or curse!  I'll let you know how I fair once I return! 

But as promised I wanted to share some of my favorite summer recipes with you this week!  When visiting the Farmer's Market we found a booth that contained some of the most mouth watering watermelons.  Watermelon is one of our favorite summer treats and at a dollar a melon who could say no?  After selecting our picks we traveled home discussing the endless possibilities of what we could create with the beauties.  Melon Mixers!

I don't know anyone who doesn't love an ice cold drink in hand come the hot July months.  We decided that one melon would have to be sacrificed for a great purpose... to be devoured via straw!

Here is what you'll need...

♥ A Small Watermelon (seedless)
♥ Lime Juice
♥ Ice Cube Trays
♥ Blender

Cut your watermelon in have and scoop out contents into your blender adding lime juice to taste.  Blend until mixture is nice and pureed.  Once blended pour contents into ice cube trays and allow to freeze over night. 

The next day remove your trays and ensure they have solidified enough.  If so, empty trays back into blender, add  cups of water, and   cups of silver/blanco tequila.  Blend thoroughly.

Start serving it up!  This recipe will make for four-six decent glasses.  If you want to include the children just substitute the tequila for extra water.  Just be sure to mark you "adult" beverages appropriately!  =D  Enjoy!

What is one of your favorite treats for beating the heat?

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  1. Great idea!
    I've a new post!

  2. my goodness I could totally use one of these right now. :) Hope you are having fun up in the woods!

  3. I don't like watermelons but I would have a go at this shake!

  4. oh my god this looks so yummy. Now I'm really craving some watermelon!


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