Manic Monday #36

The item that started the madness...

Giant tomato bean bag chair?!?
(via: EasyBean)

From my garden top... LOVE the little neck tie

(via: ModCloth)

Darling little timer...
(via: AliExpress)

Tomato beanie perfect for when fall finally decides to arrive!

Cannot decide which is cuter!  The top or this matching skirt...
(via: ModCloth)

Now to figure out how to grow my tomatos to look like bunnies!
(via: Claras)

During our delightfully lazy day escapades I discovered the sweet little tomato watering can and became manic for everything tomato related!  Funny how the smallest things can trigger the great obsessions!

What are you Manic for this Monday?

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  1. Once again, Modcloth is making it really difficult for me to save my pennies ;)

  2. Amber - You and me both! Too much cute stuff for sure! haha xo

  3. Great post! I love tomatoes! x

  4. That tomatoe skirt is freaking awesome!

  5. Tomato prints instead cherry prints! :) So cute!

  6. Tomato skirt is so sweet. I love it. <3

  7. I think it's safe to say the skirt wins by a landslide! xo

  8. Oh em gee! How did I miss that awesome tomato top and matching skirt?! How pretty!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna put them on my lovelist and hope someone asks me for it. haha

  9. Aw, those bunny tomatos are too cute! We would be happy for tomatos of any shape. The squirrels in our neighborhood have made quite sure that we never get any tomatos......

  10. Roni - my lovelist is so long it deserves it's own category! haha

    Lynne - oh no! Poor tomatos... never trust a squirrel... their cuteness is all part of their master plan for global domination! haha

  11. Love the modcloth stuff. so cute!


  12. Wow, this made me want tomatoes! Love the skirt! :D and the bunny!


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