Manic Monday #35

Natural wood apple earrings...

Carved heart phone case...
(via: HelloNutCase)

Opportunity rocks headphones...
(via: ModCloth)

Wood decorated table DIY...
(via: StyleFiles)

Bunny! I love you bunny please come live with me!

Tree branch candles...

Rustic wood cake stands DIY...

Sheep knitting gauge...

With the discovery of my sweet wooden heart earrings I have become completely manic for wood made items!  I love combining nature with daily life and have been finding endless wood created treasures to be manic for!

What are you Manic for this Monday?

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  1. These are great finds!But I think my favorites are the earrings and phone case.

  2. I love everything about this post! Wood has such a natural and rustic charm to it, and totally brings anything crazy down to earth (get it?) Newest follower (:

    Wow, you came up with that yourself?! Talented! It was soo funny! New follower, looking forward to reading more of your musings. (:

    Oh, and I'd love to invite you to check out my 150 follower giveawayhere


  3. Whoops don't mind the second paragraph/line thing sorry!

  4. Hima - Haha no worries! Welcome and thanks for following. xoxo

  5. Thanks for featuring our bunny brooch on this lovely blog post!!!

  6. omg love love love this. the bunny and iphone case are my fav!~


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