Manic Monday #36

The item that started the madness...

Giant tomato bean bag chair?!?
(via: EasyBean)

From my garden top... LOVE the little neck tie

(via: ModCloth)

Darling little timer...
(via: AliExpress)

Tomato beanie perfect for when fall finally decides to arrive!

Cannot decide which is cuter!  The top or this matching skirt...
(via: ModCloth)

Now to figure out how to grow my tomatos to look like bunnies!
(via: Claras)

During our delightfully lazy day escapades I discovered the sweet little tomato watering can and became manic for everything tomato related!  Funny how the smallest things can trigger the great obsessions!

What are you Manic for this Monday?

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Photo by the Hour... A Lazy Day

It is quite rare that Christopher Robin and I find ourselves at home... together... with not a plan in the world!  This is exactly what happened on Friday!

8 am - 

Slept in until 8 am!  Yes!  (that is a big deal to me!)  Bounced out of bed to be greeted by a hot cup of coffee, a snickerdoodle, and my email.

9 am - 

Emails are handled and moving on to finish up an interview and giveaway feature for The Loud Mouth Lifestyle.  Here is the link to that... (The day does gets lazier I promise)

10 am - 

Tried my hand at some nail gradating... Decided to start off with softer hues but I think next time I will be a little bolder!

11 am - 

Time to loose the jammers and get ready.  Decide I cannot take my hair anymore and speed dial my hairstylist.

12 pm - 

All dolled up and doe eyed ready to loose this crazy hair!

1 pm - 

Shopping!  Wanted to see about new foundation options but left with this.  Purple mascara?!?  Yay!

2 pm - 

No, I can never resist a thrifting spree whenever we go to town.

3 pm - 

Christopher Robin's favorite spot... the hardware store.  Not that I mind, they usually have the most adorable gardening area!

4 pm - 

Home again, back in my jammers (so bad) and snuggling with my favorite little man!  Nap time...

5 pm -

Worked on creating some new customer appreciation coupons.

6 pm -

Played around with some new floral crowns.

7 pm (ish) -

Sneaking away with my Love to catch the setting sun after a wonderfully lazy day!

8 pm -

Settled in with my boys for a movie, perfect for the most wonderful dreams!

What an amazing start to a busy weekend!  What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

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Thoughts on a Thursday... ®

♥ This post features my Read to Me feature. Look for the ® by post titles where this feature is present. Press play & enjoy! ♥

I don't know about you, but being a woman I find that I can experience the worst mood swings. This is an issue that has become more apparent as of late. I am not sure what has gotten my emotions in a hissy but I find my lack of patience to be slightly concerning. Oh sure, I can blame it on the typical culprits:  "The heat is getting to me," or, "My sinuses are creating the illusion that my head is being pounded by a disgruntled construction worker." At the end of the day the fact is, I have little to no tolerance recently. Sure these reasons are true -- I do feel like my skull is being crushed by the post pollen pressure and yes, this heat is making me wonder if I would be better off living in an igloo -- but are these valid excuses for my fresh diagnosis of bullshit intolerance?

I took increasing notice of this during this last week. There were literally points where I was living as though I were playing an impromptu game of Bullshit where society had failed to get the memo (because I never sent it, I must add). I felt as though I was practically yelling, "Bullshit!" at the slightest sign of ingenuous activity. Not my finest... Typically I am the most bubbly, perky, non-confrontational person you will ever encounter, so I find that once my switch is flipped, it prompts bright-eyed looks of astonishment and/or rapid blinking as if blindsided by my sudden change in demeanor. I can see the look of shock written all over their faces while imaging their inner dialogue to be something along the lines of, "Why has she misplaced items in certain personal areas they do not belong? When is she going to see a doctor about having it/them removed?" Seems about right.

I find this social reaction to be a tad bit disheartening, like society expects women to hold a certain impenetrable air of poise that does not favor the willful. "Act like a lady," they say. "Mind your Ps and Qs," they instill. What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway?!? While at the same time I hear things like, "Boys will be boys." Are they for real with this crap?!? Maybe this all stems from being raised as the only girl in a house full of boys (but that is a whole other can of worms that will just have to wait until another day).

It's not that I want to feel this way. In fact, that is probably the worst part of it all! I feel as though I am experiencing a cerebral flu. You know, the condition where you have word vomit that comes spilling uncontrollably out of your pie hole only to leave you feeling exhausted with a nasty taste in your mouth afterwards? Oh sure, you feel better while it's happening -- like the toxins are just draining out of your system -- but that feeling of relief is usually short lived and soon replaced by an empty guilt. Part of me wonders if current life scenarios are putting an unnecessary pressure on me to be continuously optimistic.  Or do I  just have unrealistic expectations for myself to be "that" person at all times? Is this ever-increasing pressure to be "perfect" based off of society's expectations for us? When will we feel that being unreasonable is just a reasonable human trait? Or are we (especially as women) dooming ourselves to a reality where we cannot be real?

Love & Lollies...

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If my heart was a compass you'd be north...

I'm back!!! Haha I feel like it has been ages since I have been "physically" present within my posts. Most of this is due to the fact that I have been battling with the dreaded color change. Ugh... how I hate the bleaching process. The initial hue removal is such a nightmare and so tedious! The last thing you want to do is fry the hair prior to adding your lovely new shade --which is exactly what I did--.  Luckily, I've experienced worse and with a lot of love (and an endless stock in conditioning products) it is coming back to life. So, needless to say, my locks are not exactly where I want them in the color wheel as of yet, but after a fresh cut and another coat of color I am hoping that will no longer be the case. I will keep you posted on that.


Although faulty beauty products were high cause for my woes these last couple of weeks, I found that they were not the main culprit. I found my patience levels to be seriously lacking. Leading to the ones I hold dearest taking the brunt of it. My poor Christopher Robin never saw it coming... the saying is true, you really do take it out on those you love most. I am so lucky that my man chalks it up to me being his "crazy girl". Seems so much more endearing than unpredictably psychotic ya know? ::sigh:: I wish I knew exactly what caused these sudden swings in my mood as of late, but that will have to be a topic for another time.

Thankfully, these last couple of weeks were also filled with so much beauty. I had a treacherous, but wonderful, time with my rambunctious family, started building some amazing new friendships, and received some of the most delightful gifts from some pretty amazing talents! I am just so smitten with my new accessories from Amourx Handmade and we have been practically inseparable ever since the day they arrived! Even when times are tough I am just so grateful for those around me who continue to love me through them and I hope (for their sake) that this little storm will pass. 

♥ It's All in the Details ♥
Shirt - Forever21
Skirt - Thrifted Vintage
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted Vintage
Necklace - c/o Amourx Handmade
Earrings - c/o Armourx Handmade

PS I love you Christopher Robin and if my heart was a compass you'd surely  be north!

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Manic Monday #35

Natural wood apple earrings...

Carved heart phone case...
(via: HelloNutCase)

Opportunity rocks headphones...
(via: ModCloth)

Wood decorated table DIY...
(via: StyleFiles)

Bunny! I love you bunny please come live with me!

Tree branch candles...

Rustic wood cake stands DIY...

Sheep knitting gauge...

With the discovery of my sweet wooden heart earrings I have become completely manic for wood made items!  I love combining nature with daily life and have been finding endless wood created treasures to be manic for!

What are you Manic for this Monday?

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Sweet Peek of the Week... Elycia of ♥Elycia

Last week I was given the pleasure of chatting with Elycia of ♥Elycia where we talked blogging and the challenges associated.  I found her correspondence to be so uplifting and inspiring that I just had to have her share her adventure with all of you in this week's Sweet Peek of the Week!

Hi Elycia!  Can you tell us all a little bit more about yourself and ♥Elycia?

"I sure can! I am Elycia, the lady behind the blog. I love making things, taking photos, oldies, my husband and my cats. I blog about my daily life, things I wear and everything that gets me excited."

You have a lot to be inspired by!  What inspires you more than anything?

"Seeing people with big dreams who know what they want and really go for it inspire me like crazy. I love seeing people with a passion for what they are doing."

What about the difficult stuff?  Have you been faced with any obstacles on your blogging adventure?

"I guess finding my voice and worrying about offending people were the biggest obstacles that I faced in the beginning stages of my blog. In real life I make a lot of really lame jokes. I can be pretty sarcastic and I'm pretty sure I scored my Dad's dry sense of humour. I was constantly worried that I would say something that someone would misinterpret and find offensive so I censored myself quite a bit. I'm not saying that now I say whatever I want with no regard for what is "acceptable" but I feel like I have found a better balance and feel more like myself when I am writing on my blog."

How are you overcoming this concern and staying true to yourself?

"I think vlogging really helped me get my silly personality across and feel comfortable that people would know that if I say something questionable I'm most definitely joking. I think vlogging is a great way to let people see the real you and know what tone to read your blog posts with."

So true!  Your vlogs are what made my adore your sense of humor!  Do you have any advice for other dream chasers out there?

"Just do it. Wait, that's Nike. Well, it applies! Don't be afraid to take a chance and do something that scares you. I need to remind myself of this often because I am the master of talking myself out of things. I'm not a big quote person but this one quote pretty much sums up my advice: "Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there." -Will Rogers.
If you are excited about something or think you have a great idea, run with it!"

 It's a perfect quote!  Thank you so much Elycia for taking the time to chat with us today!  Your words are always so inspiring! 

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While I was away...

Before I left with the fam on our camping excursion I was pairing up with two of the loveliest gals to create one darling feature about... well, me!  A while back Miss Jes of The Militant Baker asked if I would be interested in partaking in her "Baker Babes" series.  This series is such a delight and although I explained I didn't quite see myself as a skilled baker she was more than happy to have me!

There is nothing I love more than getting to hear what other amazing bloggers and chicks think of me and my space.  I was snickering away at Jes's intro to me and my story.  Be sure to go check out my Baker Babe answers here and give the amazing Jes a big hello!

I chose to share my Grilled Strawberry Shortcake recipe as it is one of my all time favorites!  This is where Miss Danielle of Framed Frosting came in to lend an artistic hand.  She created not one... but TWO of the most darling printables to share with everyone.  Her new found trade is such a delight and I adore the darling concept she created for my printable recipe!

Be sure to visit Jes and her revolutionary blog for some wonderful inspiration.  Then Danielle's adorable shop for some darling designs or you just may be able to get her to create a custom design for your favorite recipe!

What were you up to while I was away? 

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I'm a wildflower...

I am happy to say I have survived my five days in the wilderness without too much trauma.  Some minor scraps, some hot sun kisses, and a few hundred mosquito bites later I am home!  The weather in the mountains was an absolute treat as long as you avoided Mr. Sun's gaze for too long.  Part of the problem with being at such high altitudes is that the sun is so much harsher if in direct contact with the skin.  Sadly not even six coats of super strength sunblock were enough to protect me from the sun's determined admiration of my pale complexion.  I am sure by next week I will have some new additions to my ever growing freckle collection.

One of my favorite things about our adventures in the high country is the ever abundance of thriving nature.  Even in the middle of summer the forrest is alive with activity.   Most of our time was spent scouting the mountains for new and interesting trails and never knowing what you may discover at the end of one.  We came across lakes, baby animals, cool crystal river pools, and even groves of beautiful butterflies partaking in the sweet nectar of the endless rainbow of blooms.

Although a little shy in front of the camera I was able to capture some of the natives feasting in the sunlight.  Many times I found myself deeper into the woodlands than originally intended.  It is so easy to scamper away chasing butterflies only to realize you can no longer hear or see the joyful interactions still happening at camp.  I will have to work on my distractibility before it lands me in trouble!

The craziest thing about this trip was the experience of complete disconnect.  In vacations past I was not blogging or running the shop which made me take no notice to the fact that we were completely isolated in the wilderness.  This time?  Not so much... it was so strange to be surrounded by chirps instead of chimes... snapping twigs instead of countless rings... and buzzing buggies instead of buzzing cellies!  It was all so odd come day three!  I started feeling like I just couldn't relax and just go with it.  Like the silence was just all too eery and the lack of schedule all too unsettling.  Just goes to show that I probably needed this more than I even realized!

But luckily there was more than enough around me to keep me busy.  Exploring... hiking... and even making a few new friends!  It was a wonderful trip with most of the people I hold so dear.  Wonder where we will end up next year?

Love & Lollies...

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