Where you think you're going, baby...

Last Thursday I was forced, against my will, to put my Love onto a train northbound to Oregon.  Christopher Robin's father lives there and our visits are not as often as he, or we, would like.  It's rare, that with all our fur babies, we can schedule an opportunity to get away together to make the ten and a half hour journey north.  This is a trip my Love would have to make alone this time...

After lots of kisses he jumped on his train and I headed for home.  My original intent was to take my outfit photos in the city at the train station, but with our late arrival I wasn't going to be getting an assistance for my rushed hubby.  I am typically not scared, paranoid maybe, but not scared of being in the city alone.  I tend to stick to populated areas and tell myself "it's not like you are some little girl".  This was the same inner discussion as usual until I looked down and realized todays ensemble represented one of a school girl!?!  Hmmmm...

In the end I decided to play it safe (to Christopher Robin's relief) and head back home.  In transit I received a call from a good friend and old roommate.  She was working!  Which meant wine, cheese, chat, and a wonderful location for some VERY quick photos.  

I love the atmosphere at the Queens Inn.  Everything is warm and rustic with little twinklies everywhere....

It was just the relaxing night I needed after a long hot day!  And the best part?  My Christopher Robin is coming home today!

♥ All in the Details ♥
Dress - ModCloth
Shirt - Vintage
Necklace - Vintage
Shoes - Forever 21
Tights - Vintage
Sunnies - Downtown Boutique
Floral Crown - c/o Jenni of Bows, Bangles, & Bakes

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  1. this is a cute outfit and i love your flower headband, i also the sceneries there! xx

  2. This is such a cute outfit. I love it!

  3. JESSA, this is super gorgeous, wow! :)


  4. this is adorable darling just love the yellow dress!
    xoxo Ilana @ www.mymodernvintage.com

  5. Lovely location indeed, it does complement your outfit very well!
    I love the nails, I found a tutorial for them on Pinterest the other day and have yet to try them, did it take you a long time to do them?

    Cheers xx

  6. Mrs. D - They are super easy but the thickness of mine did take forever to dry! But other than that the design did not take long at all. =D

    Thank you everyone!


  7. New to your blog and I already love your style. I'm sorry your love had to travel away from you, hopefully time will go by quickly.

  8. Bekuh - Thank you and welcome! I am so glad he is coming home today! xo

  9. The dress is so so cute on you!

  10. That dress is so you. I like how you added the shirt under, because without it, it would look like a completely different dress. Absolutely love the shoes! The crown is so adorable and the nails match completely! Btw you have the cutest nose! heh. Hope you don't feel so lonely. If you wanna Skype let me know, or give me a ring! <3

    Hope you have a great day with him today!

  11. I LOVE it!!!! That dress is so cute!!! And your nails look fab!


  12. awww
    and the outfit looks amazing! I really love the necklace!


  13. I love your outfit. and your hair. You just seem to have a pretty spiffy place around here. glad I stumbled upon it. Have a beautiful day!♥

  14. This outfit is very sweet. I love the collar!


  15. Such a cute outfit - I love that dress! I don't like being in the city by myself. I won't venture much out of my neighborhood alone. The suburbs and towns/small cities surrounding Seattle are fine, but I can't get myself to hop on the bus and wander around by myself downtown.

  16. You have such a lovely style. Like a character from a fairytale :) At least in these photos :) Love the dress!


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