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I am currently staying with my Grandmother, for an extended amount of time, until we can locate her a respectable replacement for her past caregiver.  Finding someone capable of providing your loved ones care is no easy task.  I would guess it would be no different than finding a responsible babysitter for your child.  It's something that takes great consideration and, in the end, your hopes will be that this person will care for your loved one as you do.  It's quite the challenge... but we have a lady trained for the job and our fingers are crossed.  Hopefully I will be coming home soon!

Staying with my Grandmother has me deeply missing my Grandfathers.  Both have passed, along with my Mother's Mother.  My Mother's Father and I were terribly close when I was a little girl.  I was his little Punky Brewster girl and he was my mentor and confidant.  I thought I would share a poem I wrote when he passed as it tends to be what I turn to when my heart aches...

Tell Me a Story
by Jessa   Age:15

"Tell me a story,"
the young girl said
"one with roses 
redder than red!"

"A story huh?"
 he tilted his head
"I don't know...
isn't it time for bed?"

"Oh please just one...
with dragons and kings,
one with knights,
and all those great things!"

He smiled down at her
"One where everyone flies?"
her eyes grew larger
"And true love never dies?"

"Yes!  Like that,
please oh please!"
he picked her up
and placed her on his knees

"Hmmm... let me think,
how about one with flowers...
pinker then pink?"

"Oh yes, and skies
bluer than blue!
With BIG white clouds...
but only a few"

As he read to her
she dreamed away
he whispered to her
"Will finish another day..."

She smiled and nodded
as she crawled into bed
he covered her up
and kissed her head

"I love you Grandpa"
she said squeezing him tight
"I love you too Princess"
he said turning out the light

I loved my Grandpa very much
and miss him this is true
more than anything I wish I could hear him say
"Princess I love you"

Love you Grandpa Gene!  I miss you everyday...

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  1. Oh my, this poem is so sweet! You obviously loved him an awful lot :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  2. Carers are a problem. You hear all kinds of stories about carers neglecting their charges or abusing them - very few do it, of course, but it's rare you hear nice stories on the news.
    I'm a carer myself, but for my mother. She has Multiple Sclerosis and she's not who she used to be, which is hard to deal with sometimes, but we make the best of it.
    I hope you find someone trustworthy and nice! It's a challenge we've not had to face yet, since I'm free to care for her while my dad works.

  3. Jessa, that's the sweetest poem I've ever read! Thanks for sharing it with us. Good luck with finding a suitable caregiver for your Grandma! I hope it all works out :)

  4. I'm sorry to hear that you're missing your grandfather while staying at your grandmother's. I hope you can keep bright and cheery! It's almost the weekend (yay!)

  5. Thank you ladies for all the kind words! Look forward to being back come next week! xo

  6. aww that seriously melted my heart. :)

  7. I love your poem it's very sweet. I had this relationship with my grandma, and one of her sisters is dying from cancer and I have no means to get out to see feels like I'm losing the last link to my grandma. I hope this new caregiver takes good care of yours :)


  8. Aw that poem hit me right in the feels, my grandfather is in hospital at the moment, and we had a similar relationship when I was growing up. I hope your nan gets settled soon :)

  9. Oh Lani my heart goes out to you and yours! Sending all our best wishes to you and your grandfather... xoxox

  10. This is so sweet. You have such a huge heart, Jessa

  11. My eyes are filled with water as I write this. That was a beautiful poem. Why did you never get it published? It's a beautifully written text. Especially for how old you were when you wrote it.
    All I have left is my grandpa, my mom's dad. I miss my grandma all the time and couldn't help but think of her as I read along. She was in a nursing home the last almost decade of her life. It was really hard finding the perfect place for people to care for her after my mother could no longer take on that task alone with us three kids. I remember visiting her often and always wondering if the people taking care of her 'really' cared about her well being. It would kill me to think that anyone could mistreat her. I'm glad y'all found someone that might be a nice fit for her. I'll keep y'all and your grandma in my thoughts and prayers. ♥

  12. Thanks Roni, for so many things in your comment! xoxo

  13. This is the sweetest thing. I could feel how close you were to him as I read this. I've lost only one grandparent so far, and I hope I don't lose any more for a long time. I always wished I had a better relationship with all of them, but I left them when I was really little and have seen them 3 times in the past 14 years. Be grateful for every moment you have with them! :)


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xx Jessa

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