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It is rare that we have the chance to pick a man's brain in our Sweet Peek of the Week, but I have to say that they are usually some of my favorites.  I find that men and women can think so differently at times and the advice I have received from my male mentors is some of the most helpful.  I usually find that the perspective is just slightly different than that of my own.  I like to see and understand the world from all angles.... let's get to know Josh of Torc Emporium.

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your business Torc Emporium?

"I launched Torc Emporium on Etsy just a couple of months ago - and it's been a humbling and inspiring ride since then! My work focuses on creating amazing pieces of jewelry for men (even though they look super good on ladies, as well!). I work with natural elements like gemstones, metal, glass, rock, hemp, bamboo fiber, cotton, wood, and silk to build jewelry with a playful energy and meaningful message.
I am a professional copywriter and ghost blogger as my 'day job', and feel that Torc Emporium is another level to the creative flow I get to play in all day long. I live in Utah, spend lots of time reading, urban exploring, cooking, and networking with other artists on Etsy, Twitter, Pinterest, and with local crafting groups."

I love that you create your pieces from nature's ingredients.  What continues to inspire you?

"I would love to say that being a fashionisto is my inspiration, because that sounds so good, but it's not! I am really inspired by the natural world, good thoughts, positive intentions, and the works of art that individual people are. I think that jewelry was the next progression from the canvas and board art I used to create because it takes it to a whole new personal level. I am inspired by making pieces that will look good, feel good, and act as little reminders for people to be joyful and choose good things for the world. Each piece I create is given a unique name - and this is the 'energy' I focus on and keep in my heart as I tie each know, make each wrap, string each bead, and work with the piece to its completion."

Love that!   Creating the pieces seems to come natural to you but have there been other obstacles you've faced?

"I would have to say that like many artists, my own fears and worries have been my biggest challenge in creating Torc Emporium. Like many creatives, I worry about how good my work is, how people react to it, how stable the process is, and how 'well' I'm doing overall. Dealing with second-guessing, not jumping in fully to the creative flow, and fearing judgment have definitely been my biggest obstacles thus far."

Yes, I think we can all relate!  How are you overcoming this common obstacle?

"It's funny how we get stuck in these cycles of expecting the worst or wondering how we're being judged by the world - when in reality our authenticity makes us shine!
For the first few weeks on Etsy, I kept waiting for the floor to drop out from my 'beginner's luck', but it never happened. I realized that my fears and worries from past challenges in my life got carried over to Torc, and that if I wanted to continue creating and sharing, I needed to ditch the baggage. I chose to spend time in meditation and creative visualization each day just seeing the value, energy, and love of each piece in my Etsy shop and in my portfolio (www.TorcDesigns.com). I wouldn't let myself move on to the next piece until I felt really infused with good vibes!"

That is great advice!  Any other advice you'd like to leave us with?

"I have learned that being the best, most raw, and most authentic 'you' that you can possibly be tends to either get rid of all challenges, or make them so insignificant that they really don't appear on your radar anymore!
If you simply plug in to the 100% organic, pure, and intentional individual that you are - there is no possible way you won't shine. You're one of a kind, and the world loves it!"

Perfectly said!  Thank you so much Josh for taking the time from your creative endeavors to chat with us today!  I think it's safe to say we are all wishing you great success in the future!

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