Manic Monday #31

Duck, duck, umbrella...
(via: ModCloth)

Momma and three ducklings print...

Tin toy tea cups...

Duck, duck, cute shirt...
(via: ModCloth)

Vintage woven purse...

Flying ceramic ducks...

Take a quack at it necklaces...
(via: ModCloth)

If you follow me via Instagram or Twitter then you probably already know that we have been spending a lot of our free time playing down by the river.  Our favorite spot is just gorgeous this time of year and the wildlife is spectacular!  The ducks have to be one of my favorite sights...

What are you Manic for this Monday?

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  1. I used to love feeding ducks with my grandmother when I was younger! The ducky necklace from Modcloth reminds me of a yellow sweater with silver animal buttons that I would often wear when we went to the pond!

    I'm currently manic for the UK version of Being Human (thought this has definitely been a summer of all things BBC!)

  2. I use to bathe with ducks in Cuba in our little manmade pond. Hahah :) We had lots of ducks and I loved seeing them walk around when they were little. The umbrella up there is my favorite. Btw I love how you change the colors in the words to spell out something!

  3. Awww ducks are so cute. <3 love the umbrella!


  4. why must modcloth have so many cute things!? I need that duck umbrella in my life.

  5. Somethin, don't know what, let's call it a hint, tells me you like ducks :)


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