Life on Two Wheels...

One of the toughest debates a couple faces is choosing means of transportation.  With the sale of Christopher Robin's truck official we stand as an one vehicle household.  Currently our discussion rests on on four wheels or two.  I am on the two side...

A Vespa is an Italian scooter known for their painted, pressed steel unibodies.  I love them for their continuing retro designs that make them stand out from the crowd.

Currently I am smitten with a powder blue 1976 Vespa...  I am already daydreaming of zipping around town in my summer frocks, but for now the debate continues.  

What is your dream means of transportation?

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  1. I would love a Vespa too! You HAVE to persuade CR! =)

  2. I could see you in one. Hahah These are so cute, but does it use gas? As for my dream means of transportation, I haven't really thought about it. I want to say something cool and interesting, but nothing comes to mind. :P

  3. Helen - I am so working on it!

    Isabel - Aren't they? And yes, they do run on gas.


  4. I think a Vespa would be a great idea! I myself love my SUV but down grading would be awesome :)


  5. Oh gosh... a Vespa would be so so cool! I wish I could get one but it's so tough to drive them in the winter! I hope you get what you want!

  6. Eeka - Christopher Robin has somewhat taken over my SUV! haha

    Madalynne - That is one of Christopher Robin's main arguments! Luckily our winters are not too harsh!


  7. Ahh!!! They are so cute!! I wish it was practical for me to drive something like this. I have alwaysssss dreamed of diving a volkswagen bug.. it may seem silly, but since I was a kid watching Herbie the Love Bug I've been obsessed. I wish someone would just give me a old convertible beetle in good condition :) haha wouldn't that be nice!

  8. I would love to have the baby blue vespa on the bottom! to be able to drive around South Austin in my vespa and drive the car going all the way up north (45 minute drive) would really save me gas! :-)

  9. I love vespas!!! The colors are fantastic and there's just nothing cuter! My dream transports are a tossup as well. I want a classic Beetle BAD! '68 or '69 model. My other choice would be classic Honda the one in this beautiful video:
    I'd have it custom painted a pretty minty color :)

  10. I loooove vespas! I've never thought of them as being practical in Seattle though, since it rains so much here. You'd get to use it a three months out of the year. Every time I see a pink vespa though, I swoon. If I were going to get something besides pink (we're in dreamland now, obviously) I'd want a bright yellow one with an exclamation point painted on the front like Haruko from FLCL (nerd alert!)

  11. oh girl, now i really want a vespa!!

  12. its cute isnt it, i want a Piaggio Vespa! but its too dangerous in my place so i would popt for a cute volkswagen and maybe a vintage aston martin in pastels! a girl can dream.... xx

  13. In my house we have cars, motorbikes and a scooter. I only use the cars but the rest of my family seems to enjoy the others!



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