Dear Life,

This is about the time of the month when I share a "sprinkle of life" with you but, sadly, things have been pretty chaotically boring.  How is that possible you say?  Meaning, I have been super busy with a lot of projects requested by those around me thus failing to have many of opportunities to get out and do the things I want to do.  Unfortunately, this has left me dragging my feet and compiling imaginary letters to inanimate objects.

Dear Swimming Hole,

I understand with temperatures soaring to record breaking heights people feel the natural need to cool off, but please do not encourage strangers to partake in your waters so I can enjoy a moment of cool contemplation without all of their ruckus.

Dear M&M Sugar Cookies,

This just isn't working out.  It's not you, it's me and my unpredictable exercise schedule that is resulting in you being way to clingy... to my waist line that is.

Dear Steam Cleaner,

Thank you for providing me with hours of therapeutic silence while still allowing me to claim I accomplished something today.

Dear New Water Bottle Design,

I am all about conserving and preventing waste but if you are going to remove 30% of your plastic would you mind removing the 3% water level that ends up down the front of my blouse due to your faulty design?  Thanks!

Dear Bangs,

Please stop growing... you have officially taken over 3/4 of my face and I am starting to feel you are becoming a little selfish and overbearing.  If we cannot come to an agreement I will be forced to take scissors into my hands and no one wants that.  All I am asking is for a little patience until I can scrounge up a free moment to have you properly taken care of.

Dear Yahoo News,

Would you mind writing about something that is even slightly intelligent?  I am not asking for much just anything that is not going to leave me feeling like my brain cells have been fried.  I understand that you enjoy writing about things that you feel will create a "stir" but articles like "Size 6 is Now Plus Size" is just ridiculous and frankly I will be completely ignoring you until get you act together!  

What would your "Dear Life" letters consist of this week?

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  1. Hahaha I love these! I would love to see what the new design for the bottle is, so I can understand why you got water on you. I can't believe you still haven't cut your bangs! However, be thankful they grow that fast as I know a lot of people that would love their hair to grow that fast. :) As for Yahoo, I completely agree however I must admit when I'm bored I got there to read up useless articles because that's what they post and they entertain me. :x Oh and the cookies.. that's happening to me with Mint Oreos. However, I feel better about it because I went running yesterday.... so I bought myself a new pack of cookies.... I know, bad Isa.

  2. Very cute! I totally agree with you on yahoo...size 6??!! That's so dumb!


  3. Isabel - Oh my the mint oreos are amazing too! Good girl with running! You deserve your cookies! haha

    Eeka - Right? They say it's pertaining to "models" but still... not the most "uplifting" of articles for sure!


  4. This is hilarious! I love your sarcasm :-) Now following you from the Grant Life! Hope you'll take the time to stop over sometime and say hi!

    Sarah @

  5. hahaha I love it :D ugh bangs. why don't they just stay how they are???



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