Wildlife on The Thousand Acre Woods... Bobcats

Today I am off hustling and bustling around, trying to get caught up outside of Blogland.  There isn't much to share today unless you want to see my To Do List?  But I am guessing most of you will pass on that!

I wanted to share something though... so here is a video clip I captured a few weeks back showing some of the wildlife here on The Thousand Acre Woods.  Bobcats are pretty common in our woods but not a sight you see all too often.  They tend to be secretive animals and are only, usually, spotted leaving a space while heading to another.  In this clip I captured two bobcats have either a heated debate or courting?  Right outside my front door!  I am not sure as to which but whatever the case, they we're not seeing eye to eye.

Forgive the horrible video quality and my need to also capture photographs while taping.

No bobcats were seriously harmed in the making of this video... although, a lot of mosquitos met their demise at the hand of the videographer!  Thus, making for shaky video... sorry for that!

Hope you enjoy watching and although my video skills will never be shown on Planet Earth it was a very rare sight to see!

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Love & Lollies...

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  1. so very cool to live some place where you get to witness all the wonders of nature! I think that is so very cool and I'm a tad envious ;)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    I've never seen a bobcat before, must be great to have this on your doorstep, although if you couldn't see what was going on it did sound a bit like a horror movie haha :) xx

  3. This is so funny, you're right. The noises are so adorable even though they are not actually meant to be that. Their fighting was very amusing too, took way too long to fight though. Lucky you for capturing this and making it out alive too! Ha! :D

  4. Wow, those bobcats were intense! What a cool moment to capture.

  5. That is sooooo cool!!!!!!...but scary if you were outside walking around! Eek!

  6. that's kind of crazy! i have never lived anywhere with wild animals like that - unless you count feral cats and stray dog!


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