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So I want to start by saying sorry for my lack of physical presence within my posts as of late!  This is due to a multiple of reasons.  One being I am currently between hair colors which means I am currently rockin a pretty pathetic turquoise tint... Second being that I have not been allowed to wonder The Thousand Acre Woods, per Christopher Robin's orders.  Why you ask?  We are currently on "lion alert" meaning a mountain lion had recently been sighted on our land.  So if over grown, washed out tresses were not enough to detour me... becoming an oversized purr-boxes' lunch was!

So I am currently on front yard lock down forcing me to be confined to the written word... for now!  I figure, while the threat is still high, now, was a better time than any, to give everyone a little life updating.  Things have been beautifully busy!  Graphic designs, shop orders, and good old spring cleaning have been keeping me more than busy.  Christopher Robin has begun his seasonal work up towards Yosemite Valley, which I love!  I love how happy he is everyday with the work he does in his very own woodland office.  He truly loves working with his hands and being around those who share his passion for the outdoors.  He promises to sneak me away with him so that I can explore the vast wilderness of just under four thousand acres complete with two lakes and meadows as far as the eye can see.  It's an adventurer's paradise!  His bosses are the kindest people throwing bonfires and barbecues for their crew while making sure no one ever leaves with an empty belly!  He started late in the season last year so we never got the chance to partake in such festivities but this season is sure to be different!

So all in all things have been wonderful on The Thousand Acre Woods!  All the furries are happy, healthy, and keeping close to home.  Which isn't their cup of tea... but they are dealing, just as I am, with our current confined situation.  As soon as our uninvited neighbor moves on to new territories we will be free to again play.  Here is hoping that we are bad neighbors!  For all my new readers I hope you enjoyed the read to me!  Sorry it's been so long since I've featured it!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Yikes over the mountain lions! For my part, Id rather deal with a bear than a mountain lion any day of the week. (I don't know, this tourquiose hair sounds really fun and cute!) I've always heard Yellowstone was just amazing and beautiful, but I've never had the chance to see it. I hope you get lots of fun time up there. :)

  2. Love your blog! It's so sweet!

  3. Katie Q - Agreed! Mountain lion are like giant cats and tend to want to chase anything that moves... scary!

    Chelsea - Thank you so much! Glad you were able to stop by!

    Rakel - Thanks Love!


  4. Great post :)

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  5. That's totally rad that you get to live so close to nature like that. It's really good that your husband is enjoying what he's doing (and you too!). That is ever so important in life. Glad to hear things have been well, albeit, confined.


  6. I love the way you write your posts, they are vivid and full of life! I also live amidst nature (well sort of) and absolutely love it. Would love to photos of the natural beauty of your area.

  7. wow a mountain lion, that is so scary! I live in the city so I can't imagine just being able to run into wild animals.

    the headband in that picture is so cute!


  8. That's really for adventurous kind of people:)

  9. aww that sucks! I hope that the mountain lion leaves soon! btw I love this feature it's great!


  10. Oh, I hope the lion will go away soon!

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  11. Wild lions? Where in the world do you live? FREAKY!

  12. Yes, it is pretty scary! I love kitties but this is a little more than we bargained for!

    The Midwest Muse - We live below the Sierra Nevadas which is prime wildlife territory! =D

  13. okay but really? i love that you post pictures of your little computer amongst the trees and leaves. such a cool contrast!

  14. Hi! Thanks for your comment! Great blog!
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  15. your blog's so sweet :) i love! :) kisses * Sofia


  16. Woah a mountain lion? :o I hope that you are all ok! I'm glad that Christopher Robin's work is going ok, it's nice when you enjoy what you do for a living! xx


  17. You have a really lovely blog!
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog =)

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  18. You come to Fresno? Then you must be close! I get excited meeting new bloggers from my area, because there doesn't seem to be too many. :) Mountain lion sounds scary and kind of cool all in the same. LOL. And I want to see that turquoise hair!! Sounds like it's going to look very cool! <3


  19. The Love Hanger - Yes! About an half an hour north! And no, I am noticing that! I was so excited to find someone close! Glad you could stop by and visit. xo

  20. Mountain lion ..interesting and scary a bit. Loved the video part. :)

    Heel in Mint

  21. What a nice picture! Your blog is so cute ^-^
    Thank you so much for your nice compliment you left on my blog :)
    xoxo from Munich

  22. omg! the picture is so sweet ....

  23. I really love your Read To Me feature. I have been catching up on blogs for the last hour and when I saw the little "r" I was like YAY!! Lol, I put my laptop by my side and laid down to listen. :) Thanks, Jessa.
    And um, good luck with that mountain lion. LOL! I swear, other than the mountain lion warning, it seems like the coolest thing living where you do.

  24. With the exception of your uninvited visitor, it sounds like gorgeous naturey paradise! The perfect place to relax & get some work done as well. As for the photo above, loving the cute bow hairband :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets


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