Slinging rope...

This last weekend was our tri-annual cattle gathering.  Part of running a working cattle ranch is maintaining the health of the cattle we run.  Three times a year we round up our grazing herds to get everyone up to date with their health and vaccines.  It's a risky business that requires rounding up all our ranch hands to wrangle the enthusiastic youngsters.   Administering shots to a 300 pound baby is no easy task and all hands are on deck for these events.

The ropers lasso the cattle...

while our foot bound men test out their wrestling skills...

Everyone gets involved when it comes to restraining a 300 lb baby for shots!

Some admit defeat and take their medicine...

while others need some convincing...

but at the end of the day everyone gets a clean bill of health and all the cowboys and little cowgirls enjoy the setting sun on a job well done!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. how the heck did I not know you lived on a working cattle ranch?! that is way cool!

  2. that is SOO cool. I never seen this in person before.

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! :)

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  3. Manda Jane - I honestly do not talk about it that much... I am usually the ranch cheerleader! =D Now that I have Cami I can share a lot more of these events with everyone. I've been promoted to ranch photog! xo

  4. aww that is so cute! I had no idea you lived there either. lovely pics :) x


  5. Great photos! I can tell you're getting used to the camera :)

  6. my boys would love to watch something like this- what great photos- lovely to find your blog-

  7. Ren - All the boys love these events! Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit! xo

  8. I never seen anything like that before (being a city girl)!

    and thank you for visiting my blog! I have started to follow you :) follow me back?

  9. wow! I've always wnted to see this kind of work with my own eyes! thanks for sharing the cowboys with us!

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    I also have a GIVEAWAY on my blog

  10. Wow that is amazing!! Looks like a lot of work, but fun :)


  11. Glad everyone enjoyed the photos. It's such a daily part of life for us that I forget some people have never witnessed these sort of events! I will have to share more in the future.

    My Cowlick - It is a lot of work! I am lucky my skills are behind the camera... I get to avoid any cattle wrestling while still having the best seat in the house! Thanks for stopping by today! xo

  12. Just when I thought your life couldn't get any cooler, you go and take part of a cattle ranch! This is super neat and reminds me of going to the Rodeos in Texas when I was a child. :) I'm definitely gonna have to stop by your digs and hang out with you when I'm in Cali again someday.

  13. Roni - Most definitely! Bring your boots and we will put you to work. Then we will sneak of when the boys aren't looking... =D xo

  14. These pictures are all so beautiful!

  15. great pics and the post below is lovely x


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