The other day, while catching up on some tweets, I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers had sent out a mass thank you.  She was saying thank you for all the kind emails regarding her most recent post.  I had to investigate to ensure everything was okay and that is where I found this post.  Elizabeth goes into the post stating how she has been having a rocky relationship with the internet and the things that occur here.  This got me thinking...

I believe we can all relate to the way that Elizabeth is feeling.  As a woman insecurities come with the territory.  Through the decades women have been dictated as needing to appear, dress, and act a certain way.  Even from the time we entered the world we were expected to be wrapped in pink and with each turn we were presented with new expectacies we must conform to.  I am not a fan of conforming... she explains how she feels "expected" to find her "niche" as a blogger.  I have felt the same way... but why?  Why must we find a "niche"?  To me, expecting bloggers to find a "niche" is breeding competition and cliches while not allowing for uniqueness amongst individuals.  When did blogging become more than a way of self expression and comradery as a community?  If finding a "niche" is so necessary why do they call it "lifestyle" blogging?  Is my "life" only relevant if it fits a certain mold?  Is the lifestyle I live only interesting if others can relate?

And why does it feel increasingly similar to re-entering high school?  High school is when we begin having the need to "find who we are".  In fact, it's drilled into our heads at this point... "What do you want to be after high school"?  I find a good deal of irony in this event... why?  For the most part people claim that a teenager, of high school age, is not capable of making mature decisions... so why are we forced to make one of the most important life decisions at this age?  Sorry, off track!  My point is that life as a high school student is rough.  You have the constant pressure of "fitting in" and finding exceptance within the eyes of your peers.  Sound a little familiar?

Recently I have completely disconnected from my Bloglovin feed.  Why?  I started using Bloglovin as a way to find inspiration amongst some of my favorite and more established reads.  I would admire their latest ensemble... contemplate their latest recipe... debated their latest DIY... all in the name of inspiration right?  But I started to find I was not inspired in the slightest!  On the contrary, I was left feeling sad, confused, and irrelevant.  You see I am not a city chic fashionista, a baking Betty prodigy, a makeup maven, or a domestic DIY damsel, but their posts left me feeling like I "should" be.  Like my success as a person who is considered "likable" souly depended on my ability to perform. 

Perform... hmmm... is that what we've become?  Performers?  We perform on command in hope that people will like us?  It all seems so bazaar to me since signing out of my Bloglovin... but this is honestly how I was feeling!  When you feel like you are not suceeding as a blogger you feel like you are not suceeding as a person.  That is what blogging is all about, your person... who you are and the life you live.  I finally feel like I can breathe for the first time in six months and just be.

I am a girl who lives in the woods, on a ranch, with our animals and nature.  I don't spend hundreds of dollars on designer clothes, make delicacies from scratch, or turn everything I touch into a crafty creation.  I am the girl at the end of a dirt road, running barefoot through a field, capturing a world of wonder through a camera lens.  And what is so wonderful about it?  I am alive and soaking up every simple moment as if it were my last.  I am living my life for me and meeting amazing people who find wonder and fascination in the differences my world holds.  When you put yourself out there you find you allow for people to truly love you, not what you do.  Because in my heart of hearts I'd rather be hated for who I am, than be loved for what I am not.

Are you currently experiencing the "niche" pressure?

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  1. As someone who's recently just started a blog, I can totally relate to this! Its really daunting reading other more established blogs, about fashion and beauty etc etc, and feeling like I cant really compete with those. Thats not to say I dont enjoy reading them, because I do, but when it comes to writing my own blog I worry that no-one will be able to relate to, or find any interest in what I'm trying to say, because I dont have a niche as such!

    I've just decided to write about whatever I want, and if people read and enjoy it then thats an amazing bonus, but to treat it as more of a lifestyle diary than anything else.

    Sorry for the long and rambly comment, your post has touched on a worry I've had for the past couple of days. I'm sure the more I blog, the less I'll worry.

    Rachel x

  2. Wow, this very well written! I have definitely struggled with certain sides of blogging, I tried elaborating but it wasn't very coherent so I'm going to leave it like this. I might try to jot it down on paper someday, though. But my blog is still in its beginning stages so I feel like I should, for now, focus on finding a ... well not niche, like you said its the wrong word, maybe style? Or just... pattern? I don't know which is the right word, but just a way to blog keeping it fun and comfortable for myself. If you catch my drift. I just think its important to blog for yourself mostly, but who am I anyway with my mere 10 followers haha.

    But there are so many things I still feel insecure about in blogging world so right I'm still figuring it out.

    I don't think I could live without bloglovin though, I'd forget the blogs I should check. You can always remove the blogs you don't like. I used to follow some blogs because everyone does, but then I realised I did not really like them and then I just removed them from my list. No loss, really. Enough blogs out there that ARE my cup of tea!

    Oh my god, longer and rambly than intended. Sorry. I should write a post on my own blog about this, maybe. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Rachel - That is a wonderful outlook especially because you know the people reading are truly enjoying your blog.

    Angie - I could never imagine deleting any of the blogs. I do adore them! It's just until I get past my insecurities and find my own voice I need to stay away from some. To me, it's like a girl with body issues looking, continuously, through fashion magazines... it can be slightly unhealthy at some point. I just need the chance to find my own way and not feel it must be their way in order to be "successful".

    No worries ladies on the long comments! I love hearing who you are feeling! xo

  4. you know I touched on some of this in my post yesterday. So I want go into anything long because you know how i feel. I absolutely adore your blog and your posts and everything about what you do. Don't ever change a thing and be true to yourself. I've dealth with comparing myself to others and worrying because I didn't do what I wore posts or DIYs or whatever. But I am who I am. And there are people who appreciate that and keep coming back... like we all do here! xoxo

  5. Thanks Manda Jane! I adored your post yesterday too! xo

  6. I see exactly where you are coming from! That's why I haven't been able to post lately. I feel like I have been trying to keep up with everyone else....and it's hard when your Soon-to-be sister in-law is Kaylah and has an amazing blog and thousands of followers..but I just want to be me and I've decided that is what I'm going to do. I'm glad I have you as friend :) We have so much in common! I live on a dirt road in the forest...I use to be a city girl...but trust me, your not missing out on anything there!


  7. I can totally relate though I think some of the pressure to find a niche may be self-imposed. I'm a believer in blogging for yourself otherwise you will quickly find it to be less than enjoyable. It's easy to fall into a trap of comparing and keeping up with everyone else but it's not worth it at the price of losing your voice and vision. I think the beauty of blogging is finding those we have something in common but also those who can open our eyes to different worlds.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. Instead of trying to find a niche, I'm just trying to be me and have that come across in my blog. There's blogs with more followers, better cameras, and wearing fancier clothes than me. It's hard at times not to compare myself to others. But I think when you get caught up in that, you stop being yourself and your blog can become something you're not.

    The Tiny Heart

  9. I experienced the niche dilemma when I first started to blog but soon realized I would never fit into anyone's mold so I just said f it and posted things I like. My outfits may not be the pricest or the most edgy but I like them and thats all that really matters :)

  10. I love hearing how everyone has approached this issue. Each one is unique and only theirs. These are the things I find truly inspiring! Thank ladies. xo

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  12. This is a great post and I completely agree. Its so hard not to compare yourself with others - I would like to say though that I always thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, its wonderfully unique and you come across as such a genuine person :)

  13. Mittens - Thank you so much... those are probably the most touching compliments I could ever hope to receive. PS I understand completely what you were saying before. =D xo

  14. I can totally relate to the "niche" blog phenomenon. I heard on CBS awhile back that Facebook was causing people to be depressed because it shows you all the wonderful and exciting things others are doing and you are not. My response is that just because someone may be smiling in their Facebook photos, it doesn't mean they're happy. Seeing this made me realize to be happy with my life, even of it is not the most exciting at times. I have a lot to be thankful for.

  15. Nope I am not, i blog to express myself regardless the classification....great post!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  16. I think I've most definitely felt under this knid of pressure as a new blogger. The advice for getting traffic is so to write for your 'niche'. Most groups and twitter hashtags are all aimed at a certain group so what if your post doesn't fit that group who do you encourgae to read it, where are you aiming your post at? Its really difficult as a new blogger to stick by your guns and carry on blogging for the reasons you started rather than get caught up in the compteton of followers and PR approaches


  17. Jessa I totally know where your coming from, i'm still new to the blogger world and totally know the pressure to have a blog like the rest of the people out there but in the end of the day I'm me and no one can be me I don't have the top brand clothing or make up or followers But I will say that I'm proud of my blog :-) it's a place where I can be unique and write whatever I want at anytime :-) personally I love reading your blogs your unique and nice!


  18. I'm with you on this one lovely! My blog doesn't a niche or theme. It is my life and if some people don't find that interesting then so be it. I blog for me, to document my life, and that fact that people read and connect with that is just a fabulous added bonus.
    Nobody should feel pressured to conform.

  19. Thank you so much ladies! It's wonderful to know you all have such wonderful thoughts towards me and my space! xoxo

  20. I think there is pressure but it isn't too much pressure because at the end of the day you can just log off.

  21. I really liked Elizabeth's post and it's interesting to see that from such a "huge" blogger, but I agree with you, that a niche isn't a necessity, but rather doing what you want is the ultimate goal. I've had moments of hatred with the internet and that's when I take a break. Elizabeth has built quote an empire and of all the bloggers to be burned out, it would be sad to see her give up. There are others who you can tell are bored with it but keep forging through. I think being a popular blogger makes it totally different too with the pressures and demands. Thank goodness, I'm not there.

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