A Month in Instagrams... April 2012

Another month of 2012 has come and gone before I could even blink.  Time seems to be playing this nasty little trick on me more and more as the years pass by.  Luckily we have technology like Instagram to remind us what the heck we even did during said elapsed time!

April was a beautiful month here in The Thousand Acre Woods and, honestly, has been one of the best springs we have had.  The grass is lush creating plenty of grazing land for our cattle.  The river is brimming even with all the extra sunshine we've been getting and the hills are soaked in the sweet scents of spring blossoms!

This month has been one of great accomplishments and struggles.  I finally purchased Cami which is something I had been waiting longing to do since last May.  The presence of my DSLR has made such a difference in the business and I couldn't be happier.  But I find myself easily overwhelmed this last month.  In my head there are so many things I still want to accomplish within my business, but when I look at my time I feel overpowered by what needs to happen.  I have never been great with prioritizing my time, but this becomes even more apparent when you own a business.  The greatest struggle for me is having to tell people they have to wait... even a day will send me into a panic!  When someone requests something of me I want to fulfill their results immediately, but sometimes this is not physically possible for me.  It's not my friends, costumers, or followers who make me feel this way... they never mind waiting an appropriate amount of time... it's me and what I expect of myself.  I'll have to work on this to avoid certain meltdown!

On a happy note all the animals are happy and healthy.  They couldn't be happier about the arrival of spring.  They love the open doors allowing them to meander and explore as they please.  While napping where ever they happen to land!  So all in all April had been very kind to us and I cannot wait to see what May might bring!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

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  1. I totally agree, where does the time go! I feel overwhelmed at what I have to get done as well as what I want to achieve in the future....I wish I could function on four hours sleep! And the double kitties in your photo just made my day! x

  2. Renee - I think so many of us feel this way... I even attempted the four-five hours of sleep for a while. It doesn't work! =D Christopher Robin started finding me asleep sitting up... Glad our little meow meows made you smile today! xo

  3. Oh yes, I agree...it could be overwhelming. My trick is to consider each request as a blessing than as a work load. :) The pressure to fulfill the commitment is still there but the process will seem like a lighter burden :)

  4. It's great to see that Rem and Colt have made up and are back to snuggling. Who are the two pretty babies in the bottom right-hand corner?

    Stay positive, Beautiful. You'll hit your stride soon!

  5. Maybe I'm being stupid, but what is your instagram username???

  6. Angie - I believe it is TheCupcakeCountessa... but your best bet is to click my Instagram link up in the top "banner" buttons. I am not the best at locating friends via Instagram either... but if you follow me there I will see it and be able to follow you too! xo

  7. I know how you feel. I dont like to make people wait either but sometimes you just have to. You dont want to drive yourself crazy trying to meet a deadline.

  8. I'm the same way with mini melt downs and going into panic mode when I can't fulfill someone's request or even an assignment in time. I HATE being late, but sometimes it's just impossible for me to get things done in addition to everything else on my plate. It's nice to know there are other panicky Pattie's out there ;)
    I hope May brings you beautiful things and less stressful moments.
    I'll have to find you on IG. I didn't know you were there.


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xx Jessa

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