Manic Monday #27

Fancy vintage ruffle dress...

Vintage cotton day dress...

Vintage blue checkered dress...

Vintage cotton summer dress...

Vintage velvet halter dress...

Vintage school girl dress...

Vintage mini floral dress

In preparation of my upcoming celebration I thought it only appropriate that I would be manic for my celebratory accomplices' shops!  Here my my top picks if I were able to raid their stock. 

Be sure to stop on by tomorrow for the start of our Caked Birthday Bash celebration!

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  1. oooh love the last one, the floral one! x

  2. They're all really lovely pieces! :)

    Thank you so much for the comment :)

    Indie by heart

  3. Oh wow!! You should make a link up for your manicmonday!! I would so join along with you!!! Make themes??? Like this week is dresses, next week something else... and so on and so on ;)

  4. Natalie - That sure sounds like a fun idea! My friend currently does a "Thursday Crush" along those lines and it seems like a lot of fun! Check her's out in the meantime! ( xo

  5. So many pretty dresses! But I love that one from Cheeky Cheeky ♥

  6. Oh man, I pretty much want all those dresses...

  7. oh, Love the Vintage velvet halter dress..... :)

  8. Very nice dresses! love vintage!!!

    Kisses from Italy


  9. How are you?! Hope all is well! These dresses are all gorgeous, by the way! Especially the first three : )


  10. ABI!!! I miss you Love! I am going to stop by and say hi today! Feels like forever since I've caught up on your musings! xo

  11. They're all so beautiful! I really love vintage pieces, maybe I'm just an old soul or something, but I really prefer these than everything that's in right now <3

    btw I shared your button on my blog on my sidebar! as part of my favorites <3

  12. Alysa - I feel the same way! I also have this strong bond with nature and the desire to recycle as much as possible! I also love imagining and daydreaming of the world each piece has seen... it's like pulling the energy right out of the garment! =D And thank you so much! ::blushes:: You are such a doll! xo


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