Diamonds & Pearls... Ginny Lynn Jewelry

This week the mailman brought me a very special treat from Pam of Ginny Lynn Jewelry.  I have had my eye on this chunky pearl necklace for sometime and by the time the mailman arrived with it I had already had a whole outfit planned around wearing and sharing it with you.   I have never been one to care for dainty or delicate jewelry.  I am very hard on most things I own and find that jewelry takes the worse beating from me.  I snap chains easier than I can snap my fingers... loose earrings before they ever make it to my ears... frankly, I am an accessory's worse nightmare!  I like my pieces to be solid and to have a little bit of bulk to them.  This is a large part of what drew me to the Ginny Lynn collection.  Not to mention the colors she offers are absolutely darling!  I love how well the aqua matched my platforms!

♥ The Details ♥
Dress - Thrifted  Brand: Bebe
Nylons - Vintage
Shoes - Thrifted  Brand: Miss Me
Necklace - c/o Ginny Lynn Jewelry
Bow - Gifted

Hope everyone is having a beautiful week full of wonderful surprises!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Love it and those shoes are so pretty.

  2. Love the shoes! I'm a bit of a conundrum when it comes to jewelry & fashion. I adore small, dainty classic jewelry but on an edgy twist to what I wear.

    I like the outfit though. Very girly & simple. Simplicity is very underrated!


  3. I was waiting for you to do the post on this since I saw the photo on Twitter! I thought it was a bracelet, but I'm glad it's a necklace. It's very pretty on you and that white dress compliments it very well :) good find!


  4. Wouah beautiful style, beautiful items, beautiful pictures

  5. Adorable!!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment over at The Jem Journal today! I am your newest follower and would love for you to stop back and enter in my earring giveaway!

  6. honey those pics are adorable
    really romantic
    x the cookies

  7. Very cute!!! I love those pearls and that dress is such a lucky find!


  8. What a pretty pearl necklace and an adorable white dress! you look lovely!Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting! You have a wonderful blog and I'm following you now.
    Juneli from Fashionably yours

  9. Aww this is lovely - and goes very well with those shoes! I love the colour of them!

    Jenni x

  10. these photos are so cute!

  11. Aww you look so lovely ^^<3 MMxoxo

  12. Okay. I love that necklace. (I laughed at your story, too! hehe) That big chunky diamond piece on it is what makes it all around perfection to me! And you did so well on styling it simply and sooo classically with those aqua pumps and perfectly white dress + bow. You look abso-lovely. :)

  13. That's such a pretty necklace on you - you look great! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  14. Jessa,

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on our blog!! xx
    What a beautiful necklace!
    We hope you stop by again.

    Carly and Stacie

  15. I love your hair! And your dress is really cute as well, only I myself would never be able to keep that white for more than an hour ;).

    Love, Floor

  16. Oh goodness, I am in love with your blog! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, I'm so glad I found yours! Your beautiful, and I absolutely love your hair and this whole outfit is just gorgeous! I love things like this, all pastel-y and fresh:)

  17. Thank you ladies! I still cannot decide if I am ready for a color change yet. =D

    Emily - Thank you so much Sweets! Glad you were able to come by for a visit. xoxo

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  20. Hi there! I'm super excited about this necklace, but I think I need more explicit instructions or a picture of another step. My mom and I both tried, but can't seem to thread the pearl through without twisting the ribbon. Any help would be great! Thanks!


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xx Jessa

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