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Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on creating custom designs for Miss Jenni over at Bows, Bangles, + Bakes.  It started as a simple request for a button resizing and before you know it my creative lust turned it into a custom header assembled by custom photos taken by yours truly and a button package to match.  The results are quite darling and perfectly fit the overall theme desired by Jenni.

New Header...

New buttons...

I am so happy that Jenni is so pleased with the outcome of her Caked Designs!  At the end of the day nothing brings me joy quite like translating someone's vision into a piece of art.  Thank you Jenni for allowing me to help create your vision!

Be sure to head over to Bows, Bangles, + Bakes and see the results and read her absolutely delightful post about Caked Vintage!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

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  1. Bless you Jessa, you are just more and more lovely by the day lol! Thank you for featuring me :)

    (Miss) Jenni

  2. wow, those are lovely :)


  3. haha, I managed to misspell my own name. Angie that is :P x

  4. Thank you Ladies!

    Angie - You are so funny! xoxo

  5. Cut, cute, cute! So girly)

  6. This looks beautiful! You are so talented!

  7. I've just realised I have image copywrite!!! How cool is that!!??!!!??!! Lol

  8. These are so cute! You are so creative, Jessa! :)

  9. So talented! I have to see that they look fantastic.. if i ever need help with the design of my blog, I know exactly where to go(:

  10. Oh, I love her header and buttons!! I love the whimsical touch that you put on everything, Jessa! It's right up my ally!


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xx Jessa

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