Caked Confessions... Sarah of Tumbleweed Twine

Sarah of Tumbleweed Twine and the story of her Caked Vintage Prom Dress...

To find a beautiful prom dress: that was my goal. I’d searched high and low, backwards and sideways, to locate a dress I wanted to wear for the end of my secondary school years, and had been relatively unsuccessful; I’d seen some which were hideous, some which were gorgeous but extortionately priced, and some which were just plain awful - nothing seemed quite right.

I’d followed Jessa’s blog for a while, because I loved her pictures, her style, and the chirpy, uplifting way she has of writing about her goings-on – I think the first post I ever saw of hers was the “trash the dress” feature, which I adored. Then, naturally, I discovered her shop, CAKED Vintage, and became enamoured with the sweet prints and retro shapes of all the clothes and accessories she sold. There was one dress I liked in particular, which I thought was suitable to be worn to my prom; I contacted Jessa to ask about the sizing, but unfortunately it was too big, and so I gave up the thought of having it, though I still included it when I wrote a post about the shop.

Then Jessa sent me an email, saying this:

“If you really love the dress I can alter it for you...”

My resistance wavered. I was on the point of asking my mum if I could get the dress.

“And of course I would do it at no extra charge!  =D”

Well, it just had to be done! Fast forward a month and a half, and the dress had arrived.

Well, if that packaging wasn’t enough to get me excited, I don’t know what was. The only trouble now was that I had to wait another month until prom!


As you can see, I loved it. Though it’s a dress from the Eighties, I thought it had rather a Fifties feel to it, and decided to exploit that to its full potential (;

So, I went for red lips and nails, high black peeptoes (from a charity shop aeons ago!) and some eyeshadow to go with the dress. My mum returned back five minutes before we needed to leave, and hurriedly did my hair with all of her great expertise ;) We stuck a couple of fabric flowers in as well as doing some little plaits and a side-swept ponytail, after my hair being in a bun all day to go a tad curly.

After the pictures at home, I met up with all of my friends to take yet more pictures before embarking on our journey to prom (I have a longer article on my own blog here about our mode of transport, amongst other things!), where we had a really good time talking, eating and dancing to all the really cheesy songs which everyone knows.

I really love my dress; I mean really, really love my dress! I can’t thank Jessa enough – she’s been such an absolute star throughout all of this, and I’m sure I’ll wear my dress time and time again.

Thank you so much Sarah for letting me be part of your big night.  It was so much fun working together to make this happen and I hope you will cherish the dress for years to come!

Love & Lollies...  Jessa

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  1. That dress is gorgeous on you! I love the glittery look which fades off...very beautiful! I can see why you're in love with it ;)


  2. This is such a sweet story! :) That was so nice of you, Jessa. The dress is really gorgeous and I'm so happy for Sarah for loving your items so much because she finally found the perfect dress! You looked beautiful, Sarah! Your mom did a great job with the hair! <3

  3. So beautiful! The dress is just perfect.

    A | V // vintage blog

  4. that's AWESOME! it looks GREAT on her

  5. How sweet! She looks so pretty in your dress. I am so glad everything worked out :]

  6. How awesome! That dress looks amazing on her!

  7. She looks fabulous! I love the dress & her hair is so cute. What a step up from the prom dresses that all look the same (& not so classy). I say this is an achievement for you both! Well done!


  8. Aw this guest post is wonderful! Makes me think about how long ago my prom was. That dress looks fantastic on her and I love the red lipstick with it too.

  9. I love it!


  10. you looks wonderful!!
    beautiful smile :) ♥
    :) XX

  11. This dress really did find an amazing home with Sarah! Thank you again for sharing with us Love! xo

  12. Aww, thank you everyone! I'm so pleased you like the dress as much as I do :D ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  13. Hey :) thank you so much for visiting me :)
    No, my shoes were not vontage... I bought them in a shop tree years ago.. .;)

  14. Such an adorable dress and you look lovely. X

  15. the dress is beautiful!!! and it looks great on you!!

  16. Awww, this was such a sweet post, I so enjoyed reading it. That dress is just fantastic, it has to be one of the prettiest prom dresses I've ever seen. (The overlay on the skirt is so beautiful, it looks very vintage!) And you look so lovely in it.

  17. Holy crap that dress is not only gorgeous, but she really did make it looks 50's versus 80's!! I bet she was the belle of her prom ball. :) The great thing is she WILL be able to wear that dress time and time again, if even to just nice dinners on the town. I love getting dolled up in dresses like this to visit New York and have a candlelit dinner with wine. It's the best! And I too still fit in and wear my prom dress because I got one that is very cocktail length like this one.
    Great job on altering the dress for her big night and I love the packaging you put it in, too! It's obvious this whole thing was made and put together with love :)


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xx Jessa

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