When I'm gone...

This week has felt completely chaotic to me.  I am not sure if it's the buzzing excitement of things to come?  Or the tail end of the cold that never ends!  Hmmm... I can see that making for one annoying song... anywho, I have felt unable to keep up as of late!  Not to mention the pending task of creating dozens of Easter inspired cupcakes for my mom's upcoming event.  I guess this is to be expected when you self title yourself "The Cupcake Countessa"!  I will be sure to put out a DIY/Recipe for them.

I am still in awe of the upcoming anniversary of my little blog here.  It doesn't seem like almost a year has passed since ripping out that first strand of hair creating HTML code.  Oh, the good times... but it is almost here.  I am planning some big changes with the blog but promise the matter, for the most part, will remain the same.  My blogging was so spur of the moment and now that I've made it into a "lifestyle" I am second guessing some of the factors I originally created.  I would think this is to be expected within the first year.  

My hope is to create a better sense of who I am and what I do in my space.  Instead of change, I want to create a better understanding for my followers and supporters.  I hope that you will all enjoy the change and develop a better connection to me.  In the end that is all I am hoping for... a better connection between myself and my blog!  

Above all, I am excited to say good-bye to the iPhone photos (minus Instagram) and introduce Cami to the blog!  Isn't she beautiful?  I think I took more photos of her, than with her, yesterday!  But she is such a natural, don't you think?!  =D  I am still building a relationship of understanding with her before officially introducing her and what she can do.  Which, in turn, has keep me away from the blog a little.  Sorry for that!  I promise to be more present very soon!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

Love & Lollies...

PS Sorry for no Read to Me, but I don't think you'd even recognize my voice!

Follow Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa


  1. Happy first soon!
    Yes the first year you can do this and that, getting to know your audience. I have met nice ladies and starting to developp a great connection with them
    For your camera yes it is beauty! Now you will need the Lens- 35mm or 50mm - F1.8 or F1.4

    Ariane xxx

  2. I can't wait to get to know you better and see your blog grow and flourish! I'm so happy I found your space - it's honestly one of my favorites!!

  3. Ariane - Thank you! Oh my, I have no idea what you are talking about but I want it! LOL

    Manda - ::blushes:: That melts my heart to hear! I hope that everyone will truly enjoy the blog make over! ::smooches::

  4. She looks very pretty! Enjoy yourself getting to know her and I'll see you on Chictopia very soon I hope! x

  5. Congrats on the blogiversary and the new camera!

  6. Girl I can't wait to see your new style! You'll be rocking the blog world (as if you don't already)!

  7. As if playing with cupcakes weren't enough, you ladies have all made my day and touched my heart! <3 You are so sweet Kelley!

  8. I'm so excited for your first blogaversary! I'm sure that no matter what changes occur it will only make me love your blog more.
    Congrats on your new camera baby!

  9. I want to make a plushie out of your avatar. It's so cute!!! :D Can't wait for your planned changes here Jessa! Don't worry..I'll still be here whatever happens! :)

  10. Roni & Roma - Thanks Dolls! I am so thankful, everyday, for all your wonderful support! PS... Angel does make some pretty darling pillows with her designs! =D Be sure to look out for a giveaway very soon with her prints! xoxo


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xx Jessa

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