Sweet Peek of the Week - Vogel Haus Vintage

This week we are getting the opportunity to get inside the mind and heart of one of my sponsors and a friend.  The lovely Tricia of Vogel Haus Vintage

Tricia specializes in the location and distribution of darling vintage figurines, jewelry, and amazing skeleton keys.  Let's get to know her a little better with our fast five!

Thanks for stopping by Tricia!  Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Vogel Haus Vintage?

"Collecting vintage jewelry, furniture, and knick knacks has been in my blood since I was young. My mom had such interesting items for me to play with such as wigs, gloves, and sparkly jewelry! This grew into a fondness for all things vintage and I luckily married a man who also loves vintage and antique items! As a teenager I started shopping in thrift and antique stores and I haven’t stopped! Costume jewelry is affordable and can really brighten your day by changing up an outfit or bring new life to things such as purses or hats."

Once you thrift you just can't quit!  What continues to inspire you and your shop?

"As I have researched and learned many stories about the items I have available, I have realized I am only scratching the surface! Every piece has a story to tell and is waiting to have the next story added by you... Sharing my love for vintage costume jewelry at very affordable prices is my goal...no one should have to break the bank to enjoy pretty things!"

I love the romance of owning vintage and daydreaming about the life it has seen!  But not everything about owning a shop is rainbows and sunshine... Have you faced any obstacles in the creation of Vogel Haus Vintage?

"I used opening a shop on Etsy as an extra incentive for completing my bachelor’s degree (20 years later than I should have) and enjoyed dreaming of the day I would have some time to devote to something other than school. Well, I graduated with my B.S. in Psychology in July 2011 and immediately started to prepare the shop....then we bought a house! So the dream was again on hold but I was determined to make it happen...and I finally hit the submit button in December 2011 and I’ve been enjoying every minute since!" 

The saying "life happens" rings so true here!  How do you handle these life happenings?

"I stopped worrying if I had everything just right...the stars would never align perfectly, so I just put it up and continue to learn and grow as I go along." 

So true!  Do have any advice for others wanting to jump into the world of business ownership?

Great straight forward advice!  Love it!  Thank you Tricia for sharing your adventure with us and for being a wonderful addition to the Confessions team!

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  1. Loving so much vintage custom jewelery!
    Believe or no i wanted for the longest time to sell on Etsy as well
    I will check your Etsy shop!

    Ariane xxxx

  2. They are so cute!



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