Sweet Peek of the Week - Golden Pumpkin Interview & Giveaway

This week we are getting to know another business owner who believes in recycling and repurposing to create new treasures.  Jennifer is the creative master mind behind the beautiful jewelry of Golden Pumpkin.

Jennifer, can you tell us all a little more about yourself and Golden Pumpkin?

"I have always loved vintage jewelry! My mom is a collector so I grew up around beautiful pieces by Weiss, Demario, Haskell, and some other favorites. But I thought it was sad that the less perfect pieces could not be worn or sold, and I gradually began playing around with repurposing them."

I think it's wonderful that you give these pieces a second lease on life!  What inspires the unique designs you create?

"Anything art deco! But especially the architecture from that era. A lot of the murals in and around NYC are particularly breathtaking. But really, inspiration can be found anywhere. Wherever I see interesting shapes and color combinations, I see a potential jewelry design."

Finding inspiration seems to come easy to you!  Has there been other elements of your business that have not?

"The photographs! I still struggle with getting professional quality photos that also have flair and attract attention. Plus it is just so time consuming!"

I can definitely relate there!  How are you working through this struggle?

"I'm still working on it. I have played with white backgrounds, and then models, but I'm not crazy about either. So now I am going to try a natural background, like wood or wicker."

I was the same way!  It's just a matter of patience I think!  Do you have any advice for others trying to chase their dreams?

"Just try it! You never know what you might be good at. And most importantly, STICK WITH IT! I remember the day I told my mom I wanted to repurpose vintage jewelry, I ran out to the store and bought a ton of equipment and tools, and laid down a small fortune for a bunch of vintage jewelry to rework. She was so worried that it was a passing fad, and that I would lose interest and have wasted a ton of money. In the beginning, my stuff was really sub par, and that was frustrating. But I kept at it and researched and practiced, and finally I had the Golden Pumpkin!"

Well I know I am already smitten with what you are doing!  With your passion and drive you are sure to go far!  Thank you Jennifer for answering our Fast Five and ever more thanks for offering us a chance to win one of your darling creations!

Enter below for your chance to win Golden Pumpkin's Lady Grey headband!  US only please... giveaway end 5/1!
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  1. OMG those are so pretty! Vintage jewelry is where it's at! =)

    I entered the contest!


  2. Beautiful Post ,each Piece is perfect and gorgeous!

    Lovely Greetings :)

  3. These are absolutely stunning! I love that 2nd necklace up there with the ribbon bow. And I love how she kept at something for so long, perfecting it and all. That's very inspiring in and of itself.
    I don't have a Facebook, but I entered with my email! Thanks for providing that option, Jessa. :)

  4. Oooo... I have a set of clip-on earrings that would match that first necklace perfectly! I love the flower detail bordering the cameo, too. I hope I win! :)

  5. Great Giveaway. Nothing tops vintage! Thanks for hosting it. I entered through multiple places.

  6. Great Giveaway. Nothing tops vintage! Thanks for hosting it. I entered through multiple places.

  7. You are so welcome Eneda! Good luck to you!

  8. Tellement jolie ! So precious. Great giveaway, I keep my finger crossed !


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