Sweet Peek of the Week - Angel Szafranko of WierdKlown & Giveaway

This week we are getting to know one of my favorite people.  You may remember her as the creator of my darling designs you now see scattered throughout my space.

Angel Szafranko of WierdKlown!  Let us see what Angel had to say when I asked her our fast five!

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself & WierdKlown?

"My name is Angel and I grew up in Cambridge, Ontario. I went to school in Windsor at St. Calir College, where I studied Animation. Im currently working as a freelancer from home and I'm still getting used to it. I currently live in Toronto with my boyfriend and out soiled and braty dog, Captain."

The animations of the three of you are still some of my favorites!  What inspires your unique designs?

"I like going for walks, looking at nature, animals, surfing the net, looking at pictures, especially black and white photos, fashion blogs and vintage things. Anything colourful always catches my eye. When I have an artist block I usually end up watching an animated and/or horror movie and that always gets me inspired to draw or animate. Basically a lot of things inspire me!"

Obviously finding inspiration comes easy for you!  Have there been any factors in your business that haven't come so easily?

"A big thing for me was getting through school and then trying to find an art-related job. I didn't have the funds to finish my last year of school and I find that a lot of people use this as an excuse to not go to school or not finish. If you're gonna be in debt might as well do it for a good reason. Do it for what you love!As for looking for a job that was art-related, that was hard. And I had to get a few really crappy joe-jobs before I ended up with an art-reated one."

How'd you do it?

"For school, I got a place with my boyfriend because it ended up being cheaper than living on campus. I just barely had enough money and now I am in a lot of debt but it was worth it.For getting a job, I didn't get my first real job until I was out of school for almost two years. But I got one! And now I have another one. It takes a lot of hard work, time and it's about who you know."

Your passion is so inspiring!  Any words of wisdom before you leave?

"Don't give up! If you need the money for your dreams, get a loan, ask your parents or save. There is always a way. Stay inspired, surround yourself with people who are on your side. Keep trying and stay positive. :]"

Thank you so much Angel for sharing with us.  I know seeing your designs, here, everyday continues to inspire me!

Want you own piece of Angel inspiration?  Enter to win your choice of any of these prints courtesy of artsy Angel Szafranko!  Giveaway is open worldwide and ends 4/17!

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  1. This is too funny. I grew up in Cambridge, ON too! Nice to meet you Angel!

  2. She is very talented. Thank you for sharing her art!


  3. these are so amazing! I love the one with the square glasses. so creative! =)


  4. i follow angel on tumblr as

    i love her work!


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