Sprinkle of Life... April

So far this month has been wonderful and brimming with excitement!  My mom finally had her big event she had been fretting over all spring.  It was wonderful and everyone enjoyed the show.   There was a lot to learn and many wonderful cupcakes to consume!  All in all everyone involved was very happy!  They are already discussing another in Fall!  My hands are aching just at the thought of making that many cupcakes again...

I finally bought Cami!  This is something I've waited almost a year for and I am more than tickled!  I have been having an absolute blast snapping photos of everything I see and then lugging her around by my neck like a proud mother.  I still desperately need to get back in touch with the shop and stocking my inventory.  I have a feeling Cami will handle the task of new photog very well and the Babe's will be more than grateful for the break.

I am so excited about the changes coming at the year point for my little blog here.  I still cannot decide on a name but I am close.  It's so hard to make a choice!  In the beginning I just rolled with it... "hey that's cute", sold!  Now?  I really want to find something that I feel is more descriptive.  More identifying...  it is a tough choice.  But one I will have to make sooner rather then later!

Sorry for such a short post today but I am off to snap photos to make buttons for five of you!  Wish me luck!

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Love how you call it "Cami". I love carrying my camera around everywhere too but I'm always afraid to break it or something. Did you finally get someone to help you out with it?

    I'm glad your life is going great! :) <3

  2. Hi bella.. I really love your blog.. is so cute ;)
    follow you :)
    My blog By Joyce ♥

  3. Veronique - Cami is my camera! Haha I have an odd habit of naming EVERYTHING I own! Even some of my clothes have names! xo


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