Spring time in the Thousand Acre Woods...

Last Saturday was the first day of my mom's big event.  I went to lend a hand and also snap a little photography with Cami.  My mother is a die hard equestrian enthusiast while I tend to prefer keeping my feet on the ground.  As I was circling, snapping away, something beautiful stole my attention...

It's mushroom season!  Spring is officially here.  I have always been fascinated by fungus and it's unique beauty.  (Big part of the reason I enjoy The Dainty Squid so much)  Although I do not know a great deal about them I always thought it would be awesome to have a mushroom, moss, fern, and fungi garden with a pond in the middle.  Still something I'd love to have.  Unfortunately, mushroom season is very short lived here so I jumped at the chance to share the vase variety we have here in the foothills.

About half way through my adventure I discovered these old spectacles... 

wouldn't you love to know the story behind them?  I wish I did...

I was so happy to witness mushroom season in full swing!  It is always so short and such a treat!

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  1. more mushies! yay! lovely picciage ^^<3

  2. love this! I love mushrooms too. I've never seen such a huge varitety in the wild around my parts - so that's awesome! I really love the little one with the red top!

  3. for a moment I even thought I was at the dainty squid haha.

    Lovely pictures! Mushrooms are so intriguing.


  4. Look at you taking photos with your Canon. Lol
    Soo many mushrooms! Love the photos :)

  5. Very well captured clicks !

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  6. I wish they stayed around longer... I loved the little white & red toadstools too!


  7. I want to shrink myself and frolic around in these mushrooms! Especially the red one!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous photos ...They remind me of when I used to go mushroom picking with my mum so much fun!


  9. Wow, these are beautiful pictures! And I would *so* love to know the tale behind the specs... :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^


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