My visit to The Apple Blossom Inn... Part 1

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting The Apple Blossom Inn.  It was a wonderful addition to an already beautiful morning!

The trees are currently rich in pink hued blossoms and tickle the nose upon approach.  What a beautiful scenery for outfit photos!

As most of you may know, I have a complete infatuation with bees.  Upon arriving I was immediately entranced by a nearby buzzing sound and made haste to investigate the origin of the buzzing melody.  


Honey bees!  Boxes upon boxes of furry little friends to make!  I approached with a delicate foot. just to ensure I did not disturb their busy buzzy routine, but noticed that they seemed a little frazzled.  I decided to give them their space (I know how cranky I can get when I don't have mine) but as I turned I came face to face with the object of their frustrations...

A swarm!  What a treat!  I have never seen a swarm so closely and since I was, already, smack dab in the middle of it why not enjoy it?  A swarm can happen for different reasons.  One being the current queen decides to relocate to a new hive.  My guess is this isn't the case here... usually over fifty percent of the colony will follow the former queen, if and when, she decides it's time to go.  Although rare, this might be a virgin queen bee trying for her chance at the spotlight?  It's hard to say but they were so close to the boxes I didn't find it too concerning.  I just admired in awe and was thankful they did not consider me a threat to them.  They must have sensed my admiration!  

I'll have to come back very soon so that I may be able to bear (tee hee) witness to their labors and indulge in Apple Blossom Inn's honey.  Yum!

♥ The Details ♥
Dress: Vintage
Tights: Vintage
Shoes: Payless?
Necklace: DIY for the week: Vintage Color Blocked Necklace
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I absolutely love bee's ... I have a great memory of coming across a swarm in a garage forecourt of all places, so facinating :)

  2. Squeee you'd told me that you would but blue in your hair, it is just TOO cute! xox

  3. Your dress and nails are sooo cuuute. Great pictures.

  4. I love everything! That dress is so cute!


  5. Romy - Thanks Little Fox! You were my inspiration to finally do it! xo

  6. Love your nails! This place looks lovely! I'm afraid I don't share the same love of bees though, I scream if one comes near me!

  7. What a cute post. Love the photos so much! :) You're a natural with that camera ;)

    I love the taste of honey soo much. I would swallow a whole bottle of it if it wasn't soo sweet!!! haha.

    The nails are adorable and the necklace is pretty cute!

  8. I don't know if that dress could be any sweeter and your nails look perfect with it! Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!

  9. The dress is for sure lovely! :) Love the photos again and honey. :) Lovely!

  10. I love your dress, Jessa! OH, and those nails! Ahhh, too much colory cuteness!

  11. gorgeous! both the trees as well as you!


  12. cute very vintage and fun! <3


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