Happy Tails to You...

This Easter was a very eventful one.  It was the second and final day of my mom's function and the whole Thousand Acre Woods seemed to be buzzing with excitement.  Amongst the mist of calculated chaos Chris and I decide to sneak away for our own little Easter moment...

We packed a blanket and some sweet treats.  Then headed out into the trees, kicked off our shoes, and enjoyed the cool spring grass...

When we finally decided to enjoy our Easter eats we had already been beaten to the punch by some very feisty fiends...

In the spirit of Easter we decide to share our treats with our fiery new friends... I think they we very pleased by our choice!  (not like we had one!)  But that is what Easter is about!  Caring & Sharing...

We hope you had a wonderful Easter no matter how extravagant, no matter how simple, the only thing that matters is who you were with!

Love, Lollies, & Happy Tails to You...

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  1. aww I'd be so bummed! but at least those ants got to enjoy it haha.
    Love your dress here :)


  2. you guys are so cute. I can see you're loving the camera! ;)

  3. Love the pictures...so awesome :) And those cupcakes!!!!


  4. looks like you two had a lovely easter. These pics are really wonderful. I love the dreamy effect.

  5. Thanks Ladies! Hope you all had a beautiful Easter as well!

    Amber - I am so smitten with Cami! She has made my life so much easier! xo

  6. Woow so Beautiful Pics..I Love! Kiss

  7. Cupcakes with egg toppings! So easter! :)

  8. As a cupcake fanatic I would have been slightly upset, but I am glad you enjoyed your day otherwise!! Super fun photos, friend!

  9. Awww lovely pictures to accompany such a sweet moment with your hubby.

  10. How cute are these photos! You'll be looking at them in years and years and thinking about this Easter! Your hair looks perfect for Easter too! Thanks for linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifters!


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