Follower Appreciation Friday #3

Happy 400 followers!!!   Just in case I haven't mentioned it recently... thank you all soooo much for your love & support!

If you missed out on the first two, I build ad buttons using custom photos taken by yours truly!  I will be building custom buttons for the first four followers to comment below, the bonus being they will get their button posted in the "Sponsor Spotlight" for a month as well!  I'll be adding one more spot as we hit 100 followers via Bloglovin' as well!  =D  So the first FIVE will get spots...


All photos will be taken by me and rights passed on to you!

What I'll need...

Your blog name
A small description of your blog
your email address

Participants must be followers of the blog and only the first five, to provide all necessary infomation, will be selected. Why is it called Follower Appreciation Friday? As an extra little bonus your button will be added to a post on Friday for everyone to see and grab! Hope you enjoy this small token of my appreciation and if you didn't make it this time check back at 500...

Love & Lollies...

Follow Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa


  1. lol..oops!


    My blog is a lifestyle blog all about me and my crazy random life as a mommy/photographer/animal lover/vintage lover...and most of all Cupcakes!


  2. What a great idea, Jessa Belle! Love this! And so sweet of you to give away sponsor spots AND create custom blog buttons...nice!

    Here is my info, in case I've made my comment in time to be one of the lucky winners!

    blog name: The Library Faerie

    description: My tagline is: "life & lovelies from a bookworm & artisan." I am a librarian, an Etsy shop owner, and a musician, and my blog is all about crafty inspiration, things I love and want to share, my journey as an Etsy artisan, book recommendations from an avid bookworm, and more!


    Thanks, Jessa Belle--hope I made it in time! :D


  3. congrats lovely! no button needed here, already have a fabulous one from you. just wanted to show some love!!

  4. Blog name: Once Upon A Sprinkle

    I do fashion outfit posts! (:

  5. This is a really lovely idea :) xx

    I'm probably too late but I've just started my blog, it's mainly my fashion and where I get my inspirations from. I hope you like it xx

  6. This is an amazing idea case I'm in time...

    My blog summed up below :)

    'A self professed geek, having a foray into the world of beauty products'

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Lol p.s. the name of my blog is actually: discovering

  8. no button for me either. Just wanted to say congratulations! So exciting that you hit 400!

  9. Lovely blog, Jessa :)


  10. Congrats to our five lovely ladies! I will be in touch as your buttons are finished! xo

    Thank you all again for the love & support!

  11. Well I'm your 404th follower! congrats! new to your blog and I'm loving it. Nice to have found you!!

  12. Thanks Devon! I am so happy to have you! PS Your profile pic is just too cute! xo

  13. Ah...we're late! But congratulations anyway! Your blog is awesome, you deserve a multitude of followers! ヅ

    P.S. Hi Jessa! Thank you so much for following us back. Would you like to exchange blog links? 乂⍲‿⍲乂


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xx Jessa

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