What I Would Wear - The Hunger Games

So the one good thing that has come out of me being sick is that I have finally had the time to sit down and gorge myself on The Hunger Games Trilogy.  I have already read the first two books and find myself gitty with excitement for the movie premiere. 

In honor of the movie debut countdown here is a "What I Would Wear" series.  Starting with what I would wear as an interview participant of District 1.

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I chose to base my outfits off of the interviews as the chariot ride ensembles are a little more "costume" oriented!  Stay tuned as I count down until March 23 and go through all the districts!

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  1. I am *so* looking forward to these outfits - I love The Hunger Games and this outfit is beautiful :D ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  2. I love this pretty outfit template! And something tells me I need to read these Hunger Games EVERYONE is talking about... :)

  3. Sarah - Me too! I love imagining what I would do when I read books and since I love style I even dream about what I would wear! haha

    Roni - OH YES! They are quite good and I always prefer to read the books prior to watching the films. You can read them, online, for free at Onread.com!


  4. I need to pick up these books. I have no clue what you are talking about, haha, but I love the look of this outfit. I am loving gold at the moment :]

  5. Haha, hey, maybe this sickness is a blessing in disguise. I remember when the books first came out and how my friend pushed me to read them. Man, I read that first book in a day. Haha, so I know what you mean! They're so addictive and just...so good!
    Great idea for a post too. Can't wait to see each district outfit :)

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  6. I just pre-purchased my movie tickets tonight!

    Ps. You know a bug is making its rounds when all of the bloggers are getting sick! Feel better soon :)

  7. oh my god! this is amazing!! Yeah... I stayed up for two nights (until 6 am on both) reading the first two. I can't bring myself to end the trilogy... so I keep avoiding Mockingjay, which is perched right next to my pillow. Peeta has been on my mind for a week straight. Lets the Games begin! (no, really! I can't wait for the movie)

    thanks for doing this! its awesome.


  8. as a side note, i'm curious if you could compile an everyday outfit that Katniss would wear. I'm always thinking like collared deep purple baggy shirts, with brown leather leggings... or something like that. haha

  9. Abi - Hmmm... might be fun to do something like this on the release date. Chris has already promised me a day date to see it opening day!


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