What I Would Wear - The Hunger Games District 8

District 8's industry is textiles and clothing.  It is said to have children even pulling four hour shifts after school indicating it may be one of the lower income districts.  I believe the tributes should represent the innocence that is stolen from most of it's children which may invoke sympathy from the sponsors.

Textiles -

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  1. Just love your in depth analysis on these districts and how they relate to clothes!
    This sweet little outfit is perfect <3

    Trendy Teal

  2. Thanks! I figure it's good to explain a little for those who haven't had the opportunity to partake in reading the Trilogy yet!


  3. I love those shoes! Not sure if I'd have the gumption to wear though :(

    In regards to your comment...thanks! Yes ma'am I love me some M&M's, especially for breakfast :) Cute blog you have!


  4. I want to live in this outfit. So pretty!!!


  5. Hey Jessa! I love the pink dress you pick for a tribute for district 8. In fact, I love this idea of 'what i would wear' in relation to the 12 districts of Panem. :) Can I join you? Hehe. Yeah, I'm obsessed too. I can't even wait for the movie, but I have to wait for the weekend. :( Anyway, I've met your little man Remington over Mary's blog. Adorable cat. <3

  6. love those shoes! <3



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