What I Wore - The Hunger Games District 12

After a horrible week of playing tag-your-sick we finally got to see The Hunger Games.  We have been wanting to see it since opening day but knew we, let alone anyone else, would not enjoy our constant chorus of sniffles and coughing.  But after a weekend of rest we finally got that date night we so longingly desired...

I decided to dress as Katniss might in her daily life.  I felt imitating her interview outfit may be a little extravagant for a movie date!  I was actually quite surprised by how similar our outfits were!

 We went to a late showing with made snapping photos a bit of a challenge... Plus the fact that I was having coughing fits didn't help matters either!  We did manage to get a few Instagram shots though...

The film was quite good and Chris even enjoyed it. I was not too impressed by the protrayal of the time spent in the Capitol but was quite pleased with the making of the time in the arena. It was done quite tastefully with lots of action sequences but not a lot of unneccessary gore. I even cried a little... OK...  I cried A LOT! I am such a baby!

There were a lot of little changes from the book but I felt that they were well suited to the movie and didn't take away from the original story's concept.  The movie seemed to be well thought out and we cannot wait for the next one.  Chris and I, both, would recommend this movie as a great couples film.  Action for the boys but still a little romance and whimsy for us gals!

Have you been to see The Hunger Games yet?  What did you think?

Love & Lollies...

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  1. Love the outfit! I went wearing my Mockingjay pin, haha.

    I cried throughout the entire movie! The scene with Rue was the worst! I was pretty impressed though, they did pick the most essential things, even though as a fan it is always too short. I'm going to do a review on my blog soon. Do you mind if I link to your awesome HG themed what I wore todays?


  2. You look fantastic! Love your hair. I can't wait to see the movie, and now that you say it is date-night suitable, perhaps this week.


  3. we saw it this weekend. I cried a lot too! Overall, I thought it was fantastic. I wish the movie would have gone a little more in depth into the Katniss/Rue relationship and some of the history of Katniss/District 12... but overall, they did an amazing job. And the music! Oh the music, costumes and cinematography!

  4. LO-OO-VE the blue. So. so. good. I hope you enjoyed it, friend!

  5. your outfit is perfect for a movie night. I still have to read these books!

  6. First of all, you look beautiful. Second, I haven't seen the movie yet, only because I think I actually should read these books since everyone is raving on about them. Then again, I didn't read Twilight and I saw those (once a piece) and enjoyed them just fine because I wasn't comparing it to the books and how much better the former was. Anywho, I'll be sure to let you know if Mikey and I venture out to watch this flick!

  7. your hair looks awesome!!1 And I love this outfit post! You look amazing! :)


  8. I haven't got to see it yet! I want to so badly! Your outfit is fab, totally perfect for katniss :)

  9. Thanks everyone! It really is a great film to see whether or not you've read the books... and I do not usually say that! I am glad you all felt I did Katniss justice with my ensemble choice!


  10. You look fabulous, love the cute bow :)


  11. So cute! You really did get it pretty close to hers! I have not seen it yet but I am hoping to drag the boyfriend sometime this weekend! Your blog is adorable, happy Wednesday!
    xo Hannah

  12. Love this post! You look so pretty with all this! :)


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