Vintage Swap with Lemon Drop

A couple of weeks ago I did a vintage dress swap with Lemon Drop Vintage Shop.  We browsed each other's selection and she chose "Babies Breath".  I was more than tickled to know this piece had found a good home with a fellow vintage lover!  I also chose a 70's dress which was even cuter then I could have imagined!

A high school friend and name sister (Jessica) was in town for a visit and with her new found camera skills we couldn't resist heading down to the historic center for a quick photo opt.  

I paired my new darling dress with a 70's coat I've been longing to share all season...

Marie had explained that the button accents were darling but you have to see them to truly appreciate the cute factor!

As you can see my hair transformation is just about complete!  One more round and I should have that stunning rich turquoise I crave! 

Thank you so much Jessica for the darling photos and for giving my Babe's a much needed break!  

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  1. you look so cute! love the dress and that coat is amazing! ^^<3 beautiful photos. <3

  2. Just loving that dress on you, and only missing it a tiny bit since I have a cute new blue one instead :)
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. you look lovely and your hair is going to be amazing, I bet!


  4. Awesome photographs! Your hair is so pretty : )

  5. That dress is pretty, but I oh so loveeee the jacket. So awesome! And you're hair looks awesome Jessa, can't wait to see the final touches.

  6. Omg Jessa I love that dress, the coat and YOUR HAIR!!! My oh my so many things that caught my love interest in this post. Amazing.

  7. Roni - Thanks Love! So glad to hear all is well with your father!



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