Sweet Peek of the Week - Whachuneed Supply Co. & Giveaway

This week we are getting to know a very sweet gal by the name of Candy.  Candy is the heart behind the darling Etsy shop Whachuneed Supply Co.

Whachuneed Supply Co is an one stop, crafter's dream with everything from cabochons and charms to ribbon and rubber stamps.  Lets get to the the heart of the company and hear Candy's story.  

Hi Candy, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Whachuneed Supply Co.?

"I am a professional artist and former art teacher who lives to create. I love trying out new mediums and playing with just about anything I can get my hands on. My shop definitely reflects that! My idea was to bring lots of different supplies together into one shop, in hopes of inspiring others to try something new...branch out a bit. In my shop, you can find "normal" items like jewelry making supplies and rubber stamps, "fun" harder-to-find items like deco and washi tape, and "unusual" found items. I also carry lots of packaging materials and am constantly adding more goodies to the shop. :)"

I could get lost in your shop for hours admiring all the darling items you offer!  Other than your passion to create, what inspires you?

"Wow. That's a big one. For my own art, I am inspired by nature, vintage goodness, and lovely colors. Everything I do, I do in a creative way. It just makes life a little brighter. 

In my shop, I am inspired by the creativity of my customers who email me everyday with ideas and questions. I love helping others make their ideas work. It helps to have such a broad art and craft background when working with my customers. I'm an outta-the-box thinker...that helps, too. :)"

I think that is well reflected by your shop!  Have there been any obstacles in the creation of Whachuneed?

"My biggest obstacle is just trying to manage everything. I am very active in the art community where I live and tend to over commit myself, but I find that I usually work best that way. I actually have three Etsy shops, but Whachuneed is my favorite one. :)"

Wow!  You are obviously a very busy lady!  How are you managing all of this?

"I find that committing to something is a great way to get things accomplished. When you've given someone your word that you'll be there, you have to find a way to make it happen. I do my best to plan my week, knowing that I must get a number of things done by a certain day. I've even broken down my days into "computer" days, "prepping" days, and "art" days. It has really helped me balance everything much better. :)"

What wonderful advice for others.  Speaking of advice... any advice you'd like to leave us dream chasers with?

"Oh, don't get me started! I think the most important thing to do (before you start chasing) is to REALLY think about what it is that YOU want. If you could be doing anything right now, what would it be? It's not an easy question to answer, but once you know, the whole world looks a little different. I did this, myself, about three years ago. Next thing I knew, I moved 1700 miles away from my hometown to a new city I had never been to before with little more than my art supplies. My only regret is that it took me so long to come to the realization that I really wasn't doing what I wanted to do before...and life is just too stinkin' short for that! Get out and live YOUR life! :)"

So true!  It's your life to live so live it for yourself or someone else will live it for you!  Thank you so much for all the inspiration you've shared with us today.  Your words really hit close to home for me and I've had such a pleasure getting to know you through your answers.

Not only did Candy have sweet words to share with us but some pretty sweet treats too!  Enter to win a $20 gift certificate to Candy's sweet shop, Whachuneed Supply Co!  

Can't wait?  Use "CUPCAKE" for 15% off all orders!  Thanks Candy for all these thoughtful treats!

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  1. What a great giveaway ! Found you from my friend Linda (trendy teal)'s blog and I'm addicted! I love your "what i would wear to the hunger games" post :) THat book (and movie!) is my fave <33
    Enter my giveaway!!!

  2. Those rolls of ivy or whatever they are, are too cute!

  3. i love whachuneed's shop - and just made my first purchase! thanks for the discount... :)

  4. Susie - Isn't Candy the best? So glad you were able to pick out something sweet for yourself! Good luck!

  5. Candy at Whachuneed is great to work with - I've enjoyed using her supplies for my wedding :)

  6. I love working with Wachuneed(Candy), she was absolutely delightful to work with, quick, fun, and so sweet!


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