Sweet Peek of the Week - Mold Me Shape Me & Giveaway

This week we get the pleasure of getting to know a wonderful women who has molded her dreams and shaped them into realities! 

Melissa, the heart and soul behind these creations, creates molds that and unique and exclusive to her shop Mold Me, Shape Me.  Each piece is created so that you may decorate, celebrate, and formulate as you choose!  Let's get to know a little bit more about Melissa and her wonderful shop!

Hi Melissa!  Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your shop Mold Me, Shape Me?

"I have been sculpting all of my adult life and making silicone molds with which to cast resin pieces for the past 25 years. I have been designing and sculpting personalized Christmas Ornaments for several years. Which I sell through my website Christmaskeeper.com, mall kiosk and some of the top ten arts and craft shows in the nation. In the past few years I have wanted to start selling my designs in silicone molds for others to create with. So this year I am launching MoldmeShapme, a Etsy store to sell my new line of molds. While I will pull from ideas from my ornaments they are smaller and sculpted just for selling the molds.

My husband (Kipp) is a pastor of a local church, our daughter (Elizabeth) is 15 years old. I home school Elizabeth here on our 75 acre farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Elizabeth and I are very active riding our horses. This past year Elizabeth won The Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race World Championship in Guthrie Oklahoma. She won the adult division not the youth, it was amazing watching this girl not only win against these Cowboys once but three days in a row to win the World Title. I have always been proud of my daughter, but this is a once in a life time event.

I am very active with the teens in our church, anything we can do for the next generation is what it is all about."

You are obviously such a creative individual!  What continues to inspire you to create such darling pieces?

"For the most part I don’t have any problem thinking of things to sculpt. All you have to do is look around there is plenty of inspiration in God’s creation."

Yes!  If you keep an open eye there is so much inspiration to behold!  Have there been obstacles in venturing off to create Mold Me, Shape Me?

"The biggest obstacle I face is not having enough time to work. Then there is the writing, I have such a hard time writing about myself or my business. Just does not seem right to brag on yourself."

I am the same way, but you have too as a blogger!  How are you overcoming this?

"I stay up a night to work after my daughter’s school day is done. My house does not get cleaned like it should. I am very focused when working and would let the walls fall down around me to finish a project. I will never over come my fear of writing, I just have to do it."
Again, I can so relate!  So I am more than curious what your advice would be?

"Don’t let it get you down when times are hard, just keep looking for a solution. Some of my best ideas have been during the hard times."

So very true!  Thank you so much Melissa for sharing your inspiring story with us and leaving us with such a sweet giveaway!

Enter to win three of Melissa's Mold Me, Shape Me molds!  Your choice, shipping included! 

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