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As most of you may already know I love me some Geek-Chic!  There is nothing sassier than a great pair of glasses or that perfect nerdy accessory.  I was all too excited to get to know a guy who creates an amazing collection of nerdy perfection!

Meet John of Geekovations!  Let's hear his story....

Hi John!  Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and Geekovations?
"My name is John, and I am a Graphic/ Web designer. I started geekovations to get away from the boring everyday hustle of the real world. I wanted to create my own world where I can do what I want, when I want it, and however I see fit. As a designer and avid user of Moleskines (if you don't know what Moleskines are please Google it, NOW!), I was in search of way to carry pens with my skine since I am constantly needing to jot down ideas and inspirations. I came across many options but none fit the bill to what I wanted. That’s when I created my own the ink strapwith a single or double barrel and in array of colors to fit the mood of the day. Now, I never leave home without my book strap and ink.After that, I started buying and reselling old-school, vintage items from thrift stores and yard sales. I look high and low for the best-looking, geekiest, best-priced items I can find. I have found things anywhere from a 1940s typewriter to vintage pencil sharpeners.  I am always looking out for new finds and always keep an idea book with many more items I want to create for myself and all the geeks out there."

I Googled!  What an amazing idea and I love seeing your vintage treasures!  We'd love to know what else inspires you?

"As a designer/ creator/ lover of the arts, I am in constant search of inspiration. I have to thank the Internet, and its many sources such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon.  I am inspired by art, design, and music, but more than anything I am inspired by DIY. I love to explore ideas and get inspired to make my own."

It always amazes me how easy it has become for us all to share and inspire one another!  But I know not everything is easy when running a business... have you faced any obstacles in the creation of Geekovations and how are you overcoming them?

"I am a graphic designer, not a fashion designer. I really didn't know how to use a sewing machine, but I knew what I wanted to make. I had my mother teach me just enough to get me going and making my straps. I have tossed quite a few test straps before I figured what worked and how to do it.  Reaching my market, increasing traffic, and converting that traffic into sales have been tough as well. But, little by little I’ve been learning every step of the way. So far, I have seen the light and am on the right path of success."

It's all trial and error so it seems!  Do you have any words of advice you'd like to share with us?

"Research the market. Find others that are similar to what you're doing and compare. There are blogs out there just about anything you can think of. Etsy forums are a great source. Join teams. Join clubs.  Get yourself out there."

Couldn't agree more John!  Thank you so much for stopping by to share the Geekovations story with us and an extra big thank you for offering up the chance to win one of your Double Barrel Ink Straps!

Click READ MORE below to enter to win John's Geekovations Giveaway!

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  1. John -- Your innovations are amazing. Hope they catch like wildfire! -- Julie

  2. pin it: http://pinterest.com/pin/75083518757585591/
    thanks for the giveaway

  3. Impressive! I wish I can join this giveaway... :-/

  4. Cherry - Sorry Love! There are going to be many more lovely giveaways coming up that you'll be able to join! xoxo

  5. Aww, these are a really good idea! I love the different coloured felts as well :) Good luck, John! ♥

    Sarah ^.^


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