Manic Monday #18

Safe & Sound... Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars

Heart Shaped Box... Nirvana

We Are Young... FUN

Goodbye... Avril Lavigne

Run... Matt Nathanson ft Sugarland

With being sick on and off I have found I've been listening to a lot of songs.  Here are my obsessions this week!

Happy Monday Loves!

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  1. I am obsessed with the Civil Wars and that song!! :)

  2. oh gosh, i am seriously obsessed with that taylor swift / civil wars song.
    and avril lavigne looks GORGEOUS in her video!
    xo TJ

  3. Ashley - Me too and Taylor looks gorgeous in the video!

    His Little Lady - I love this Avril video and that she did something a little more sensual... the girl is stunning!


  4. I love the Safe & Sound song although that one makes me cry! And the Heart Shaped Box one, aww the memories...



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xx Jessa

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